Moving to a different city in a different state is a wise decision for many reasons. You might want to live nearer to your family, or considering your new job, or it could be because you got out of college, or perhaps you want a change.

However, there is a challenge lurking around – how to find an apartment in another state. Renting an apartment and relocating to a new city comes with its disadvantages. Not to worry, this apartment hunting guide has been carefully curated to walk you through the journey. As you read along, you will learn about strategies you can use and things you can do to get ready for your big move.

Moving to another state


Carefully explore your new city

Each city is unique and can offer different things to potential residents. Before deciding to move to an apartment in another state, you might not be able to travel to the place in person. When considering a relocation to a city you’ve never lived in before, go online and do some research. Your search will be significantly aided by first-person testimonials from actual local inhabitants on social media sites like Facebook or Reddit. Investigate anything you can think of because all of these can be used later. Find the most pleasing neighborhoods, consider the cost of living and other factors that may benefit you and your family. The city’s walk, bike, and transit scores might help you choose the best form of transportation if you intend to get around without a car.

Determine your budget

One of the most important things to consider when researching how to find a house in another state for rent is the cost. No matter what other intentions you may have, where you reside when renting an apartment in a new location will depend on your budget.

You should also know how much an apartment in your region typically costs. The first month’s rent, application fees, and a security deposit—generally equal to one month’s rent—will also be required of you. This indicates that after signing a new lease, you should be prepared to pay at least two months’ worth of rent upfront. A pet deposit for a furry friend may be one of the additional expenses. Of course, you’ll also need to budget for the costs associated with setting up shop in the new city and furnishing your flat.


Decide on the amenities

The extra features that make apartment life more comfortable are known as amenities. If you are constantly on the go, you’ll need conveniences like a dishwasher that promote efficiency. If you prefer to watch Netflix at home, you might prefer the free WiFi connection that is available in the building. Placing importance on specific amenities that may benefit you are some things you learn alongside how to find a place for rent in another state. Some of the popular amenities you may want to look out for in your new apartment include:

  • Fitness centers, if you are someone who likes going to the gym or requires an instructor.
  • Laundry facility in the building or in-unit set-up is also an essential amenity.
  • Central air-conditioning, ventilation, eco-friendly solutions, and utility bill costs.

Plan your trips

It’s a good idea to look for an apartment close to your workplace or place of study while looking for a new place to live. Don’t add a difficult commute because navigating a new city already causes enough stress. If your time and money permit, look for an apartment close to a major road, stop, or public transportation station. Google Maps can help you map your commute. You can see how the traffic is at particular times of the day if you already have a schedule. If you want to commute by walking, biking, or public transit, you should also schedule your travel time accordingly.

Public transport

Contact the landlord

When looking for a place to live out of state, look for owner-occupied rentals. Contact the owners of the apartments from your list of apartments. Apply and communicate with them ahead of time. A call instead of an email would probably be more effective. Inform the landlord about your current situation and that you are trying to rent an apartment out of state.

Prepare the documents

If you decide to apply, our landlord will ask for paperwork from you, so make sure everything is in order. Have the job offer in your application if you are starting a new work to demonstrate that you will have a reliable source of income. Along with your application, send pay stubs from your prior employer.

How to move to another state without a job

When beginning this fantastic new experience, you can use the following tactics and advice on how to find an apartment in a different state to your benefit.

  • Thoroughly investigate the neighborhood and building

Finding a potential home is only the first step. This apartment hunting guide makes the initial stages of apartment hunting considerably easier and more productive. More attention must be paid if you are trying to move and do not have a job. It may be a stumbling block along your way.

  • Make advance payments

In most locations, finding the best accommodation is already challenging. Your prospective landlord will probably want to verify your credit and look over your most recent paystub. When you apply for flats, alleviate some of their concerns by paying the rent in advance.

  • Show evidence of good credit

Solid credit history is frequently considered the key to renting an apartment. They’ll probably be open to hearing you out if you’ve never missed a payment and have a stellar reputation with past landlords.

Credit history

  • Consider a Guarantor or a Co-Signer.

This is especially important for recent graduates or people with little credit history. Consider having a guarantor or cosigner around when trying to rent an apartment without a job.

You don’t want to commit to an area just because someone else mentioned they liked it. It would be best to determine whether it is a suitable fit for you. This is the sole reason you need this apartment hunting guide to understand how to get accommodation in a different state.

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