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Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is a beautiful city that is historically rich yet contemporary. It is widely known among the global population for its top universities, serene views, and growing job market, which makes it a wonderful place to live. You can find many amazing things here, including historic monuments and modern skyscrapers.

Whether you’re drawn to the lively streets of the Back Bay, the historic elegance of South End, or the family-friendly atmosphere of Jamaica Plain, you’ll find a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and needs. So, let’s check out some popular Boston neighborhoods before you decide on your dream place.

1- Black bay

Black Bay is one of the most coveted Boston neighborhoods, and it is popular due to its mesmeric buildings, shopping centers, and culinary scene. If you want to relax, you can go near the Charles River Esplanade and enjoy a picnic there to entertain yourself.

Newbury Street is another good spot you can visit to enjoy a mix of high-end stores and unique local shops. Those who love to indulge in cultural entertainment can find their filling inside the Boston Public Library, which has a wide range of books.

If you love music, Berklee College of Music Performances is a great spot for you to enjoy live music performances by talented students. According to Realtor reports, the median listing home price in the Black Bay area is $1.2 Million. If you talk about the rent, a simple and cozy one- to two-bedroom apartment can cost $3200 to $5000 monthly!

2- Cambridge

Cambridge in Boston is a global name for education and innovation, and it has top universities like the University of Cambridge, MIT School of Engineering, Harvard University, and others. This makes it one of the top Boston neighborhoods for young professionals looking forward to completing their education or starting a career. If you’re a history lover, you can visit famous historical venues like the Harvard Museum.

The Harvard Square Central Square is another great spot to enjoy performances and events. For anyone who is looking to enjoy recreational activities like jogging, swimming, and boating, you can go to the Charles River Bay. According to Redfin, the average listing price for a home in Cambridge is approximately $1.1 Million, while you may need to spend $2900-$4700 per month for a one to two-bedroom apartment here!

3- South End

South End is another amazing Boston neighborhood popular for its cultural activities. If you like to explore art galleries, fashion boutiques, and premium stores, you can choose South End. SoWA Art and Design District is specifically designed for artists of various fields where they can showcase their talent, and interact with fellow artists and designers.

Peters Park is another great spot for people who like to engage in physical activities. Since it has dog parks, you can also bring your furry friends. If you’re a foodie, you will have many options such as The Beehive and Toro where you can eat delicious meals while enjoying live music. As per Realtor, the average house price in South End is nearly $1.2 million while rent starts from $2600 and may go up to $5200.

4- Charlestown

Charlestown can be a great area for people who like to live in a peaceful place. History lovers can get their chance to experience the rich heritage of this town by visiting the Bunker Hill Monument, USS Constitution Museum, and other places, including Austin Block and Phipps Street Burying Ground, to learn about the initial history of the U.S.

You can visit the Gaslight District for strolls and enjoy the beautiful view from the Navy Yard. The Warren Tavern is one of the oldest bars, so you can visit this place with your friends and have a good time. Coming to housing, the Realtor states that the average price of a home in this area is $950k while the rent of an apartment starts from $2200 and may go up to $4200.

5- Allston-Brighton

If you are looking for affordable neighborhoods in Boston with multiple opportunities, you can choose Allston-Brighton. If you like to engage in physical activities, you can visit Ringer Park as it has various sports facilities, playgrounds, and open green spaces. The Brighton Music Hall is a great option to enjoy a wide range of performances from local and touring artists. You can also visit the Paradise Rock Club as it’s known for attracting big-name bands.

For shopping and eating out, you can choose either Harvard Avenue or Commonwealth Avenue, as these areas have multiple restaurants, bakeries, and bars. According to Realtor reports, a home’s average price in this area is around 590k while the rent price ranges from $1500-$300, depending on the property size and location.

6- Jamaica Plain

If you look forward to moving into one of the community-oriented and culturally diverse Boston neighborhoods, choose Jamaica Plain. The Jamaica Pond is a perfect spot to enjoy kayaking, sailing, and jogging around the scenic pond. Although it has a small-town idle vibe, you will get access to all the facilities of a modern metro city. If you love exploring the historical era, consider visiting 40 South Street, where you can find clothing and accessories collections from the past decades. You can also visit the The Footlight Club to get access to a a variety of shows and performances.

Centre Street is another busy commercial area with offices, commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, and bars. If you’re looking for popular options J.P. Licks, Sam Adams Brewery, and Brendan Behan Pub are some good venues to visit. Besides that, you can also get some artisanal items and local produce from community events and farmers’ markets. According to Realtor, a family can buy a home here at a median average price of $950k while rents of apartments depend on $2200 to $4000.

Worst Places To Live in Boston

While every neighbourhood in Boston has its unique charm and community, some areas might be less desirable to live in due to factors like crime rates, cost of living, or lack of amenities.

1- Roxbury

The crime rates are higher than the national average.
Limited access to quality schools and recreational facilities.
You will get older homes with less modern amenities.
2- Mattapan

The living environment is not the best and crime rates are high as well.
You will have to heavily rely on private vehicles, which can increase your cost of living.
The properties are not well-maintained.

3- Hyde Park

It is farther from downtown Boston, which can increase the commute times.
The nightlife is limited and you get fewer entertainment options.
Higher cost of housing without proper amenities.


These are some of the best neighborhoods in Boston, where you can move to get a good living experience. Each place is historic yet modern and offers ample opportunities to anyone who wants to start a new life in Boston. All these affordable neighborhoods in Boston offer all the modern amenities with safety and security, and some quiet space to enjoy your life. Whether you are a young student, a professional, or a modern family, you can always find a dream home to live and enjoy your life in the best neighborhoods in Boston.

Best Neighborhoods to Live in When Moving to Boston

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