Movers or loaders are people who assist with packing your stuff, arranging them, and moving them when you are relocating to a new home. It is customary to tip them in the United States and generally acceptable. But, worrying about how much to tip movers after a very busy moving day is not something you want to stress on, so you need to be prepared.
While tipping is acceptable by most companies and is considered proper etiquette, you should still check to see if they have a policy in this regard. Sometimes, the tipping expectations are mentioned ahead. In this article you will learn how much you should tip movers.

how much do you tip movers

What can a loader get a tip for?

There are quite a number of things to consider when tipping a loader. Most importantly, you may want to appreciate their meticulousness in packing your delicate items like paintings, glass-wares, and the likes of them. Also, the swiftness in loading items into boxes may be quite impressive because you definitely won’t like people who take so much time doing basic things.

Why is it important to additionally reward the work of the movers?

Tips are not usually included in estimates when you hire a company, so it is never compulsory. You may want to think you are paying a fortune but you should also consider the energy you would expend doing it yourself. More often than not, movers don’t expect tips but it doesn’t hurt to tip them. However, tips are a product of your generosity and how much you appreciate the service rendered because they do a ton of manual labor and it is just right to appreciate their efforts.

How Much to Tip Moving Guys

There is no base fee for tipping movers, just as there is no base fee for doing the same to bartenders or waiters. Usually, tips are percentages of estimates ranging between 10 and 20%. For instance, if the total moving cost you are charged is $2,000, you should give the moving team $200 to $400 as a tip. If there are two different moving crews at the moving location and your new home, you can just split the tip in half and give each team $100 to $200.

At other times you may want to tip them based on the number of hours worked. For example:

  • 0 – 2 hours: $10 per person;
  • 2 – 4 hours: $20 per person;
  • 4 – 8 hours: $50 per person;
  • 8 – 12 hours or more: $70 per person.

Depending on your budget and satisfaction with the job, you can give a bit extra or less. This is a guide, giving tips is at your discretion.

There are several factors to consider before tipping movers. Making a checklist is certainly one of the best ways to calculate tips for loaders. Here are some of the things you may want to look at.

  1. Evaluate overall service: An evaluation of the volume and quality of work done is a great way to determine how much to tip a moving company. Although the tip does not necessarily have to commensurate the work done, at least the moving crew need to be accountable for their efforts too.
  2. Assessment of The Complexity of the Work: If you are moving items from a house with stairs, or you have large items that pose difficulty during moving, you may want to tip the movers.
  3. Weather Conditions: There are certain times when the weather is just favorable and at other times it’s just harsh. It is just right to tip movers who keep working even when it is raining or under the scorching sun.
  4. Whether Furniture And Things Are Packed: Furniture can be very delicate and sometimes have complex structures or even have glass. How much care and attention is paid to moving these things is one thing you want to consider.
  5. Opening Hours: It takes approximately 7-10 hours to move items from a 3-bedroom house. So if they are putting in extra hours and working harder than intended, a tip could come in handy.

how much do i tip movers

When should you not tip movers?

  1. In situations when they show up late or when they are causing so much delay.
  2. When you still have to do a lot of things by yourself and they are not up and doing.
  3. When they don’t handle your items with care or load them carelessly in the boxes.
  4. If they break or damage your belongings as a result of improper moving techniques.
  5. When they are rude or disrespectful.
  6. If the moving cost included tips.

How Much to Tip Movers Long Distance

Typically, moving long distances may also mean moving out of the state or cross-country and in most cases exceeds 100 miles. Depending on the satisfactory level, the standard moving tip outlined above may be implored.

How Much to Tip Movers Short Distance

When you are moving locally and the moving time is not as much as when you are moving out of the state or cross-country, you can still decide to tip the movers. However, in times like this, a percentage of the estimate may be the best determinant of the tip. In situations when the total estimate is $2,000, a 15% tip for the moving crew won’t hurt.
A half-day move takes approximately 4 hours, while a full-day move takes approximately 8 hours. These figures may vary more or less depending on the circumstances of the day. Usually:

  • Half-day move: $20 per person;
  • Full-day move: $40 per person.

When to Tip Movers
Tips can be given before moving or after the job is completed, it all depends on the workload and the performance level. Giving tips before moving will put the moving team in high spirits and shows that their immediate efforts are being noticed. Giving tips after will make them happy and show that you appreciate their effort.

  • Before moving: Snacks, meals, and drinks are some of the things that can be given to the moving crew while they are still packing. It helps to keep them refreshed.
  • After moving: This is the best time to hand over the monetary gifts or valuable items to the moving crew.

Methods on How to Tip Your Movers

There are no hard and fast laws on giving tips. Most people, on the other hand, tip movers after the job is done and the bill is settled. There are a couple of different ways to tip your movers and whatever mode you choose depends on what is convenient for you at that time.

  1. Cash: Monetary gifts come in very handy and will be well appreciated. You could split the cash and give it to them individually or hand it to the foreman and let them figure out the sharing ratio.
  2. Checks: Although, not a very common way of giving tips but is very good when you want to do documentation.
  3. Tipping Digitally: Since most people don’t carry cash around, one of the best ways to tip is via mobile payments. Almost everyone has at least one of either Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or PayPal, and this might just be a better option.

how much should you tip movers

Other Ways to Show Appreciation for the Movers

There are other ways to show kind gestures after doing a satisfactory job, some of which includes:

  1. Meals: Serving a meal during the move is a great way to say “thank you” to the moving crew and also a way to keep them gingered up. Although, some companies provide food and water for their staff and you may want to consider some other means.
  2. Drinks: Providing cold drinks on a hot day is common courtesy, irrespective of job performance. On a hot day, bring a cooler with bottled water and sports drinks, and if you are moving in the winter, tea, coffee or hot chocolate will be a better option.
  3. Snacks: moving day is almost certainly a full-day event, so have some snacks on hand in between meals. Let the moving crew know that they are welcome to any meals, snacks, or drinks you provide.
  4. Gift Cards: Another way to show your moving team how much you appreciate their efforts is to provide them with a fun activity to do in their spare time. A gift card to a restaurant or a movie would just be appropriate.
  5. Great Reviews: Great reviews will go a long way for both the mover and the company. An honest review of the mover to the company will help for proper positioning. Also, social media reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will preach the company to more customers. Many movers rely on positive online reviews to stay in business, and they’d love to see one.
  6. “Thank you”: A simple heartfelt “thank you” is sufficient to make anyone feel valued. Learn to use the magic words.

how to tip movers

Tipping your movers should make you feel good. These are people you are entrusting your belongings to, not to mention the fact that moving heavy furniture and boxes is exhausting work. A tip is a nice way to praise and compensate them if you think they performed a good job.
Moving is a difficult task that doesn’t usually pay well. As a customer, demonstrating that you value hard work will never be ignored or unappreciated. If money is an issue, remember there are other ways to express your gratitude.


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