The idea of moving to a new place is great and will get anyone excited. As exciting as it sounds, when the reality of moving to a new city sets in, it can be quite daunting. For many people traveling is already stressful, not to mention moving. It all starts from thinking about the whole stress of packing, traveling, unpacking, and finally settling down in a not so familiar city, state, or country. Also, moving to a new city takes you away from your old friends, old neighborhood, old favorite chill spot and it is more like you are compelled to adapt to the new place.

Meanwhile, for someone who travels very often, it may not be much of a challenge finding yourself in a new city. It is more like you are being asked to do what you’ve been practicing for quite a while. You already know what to pack, when it is convenient to travel, the first things to do in a new city, and subsequently adapting to the new place. But when you move to a complete and/or different place from what you are used to. Especially if you are someone who works remotely and rarely gets an opportunity to interact or meet new people, how do you set things straight when you find you get to a new place?

settling in a new city

How do you manage to mix and blend in a new city? This article is specifically curated to help answer this question and also provide a handful of tips on getting ahead after setting your foot into a new city. This article will describe ways to adapt when changing your place of residence.

Prepare Your Mind

This is not much of a big deal but I consider it one crucial step to take before moving. It is quite a psychological process where you bring yourself to the reality that you are traveling to a new environment different from what you used to know. Then consciously get optimistic about it, because some things may want to kill your vibe and ruin the process for you.

Research about the City

Think about some of the fun things you may want to do outside the primary purpose of your traveling, which may include work or school or anything. Then try looking up opportunities to catch this fun when getting there. For instance, you want to take a stroll on a Saturday morning to a basketball court or your favorite sports center. Looking up spots like this in your new environment will make you optimistic and expectant. Still, not much of a thing that a lot of people do but it is certain one thing that will come in handy.

how to adjust to living in a new city

Stay Somewhere Comfortable

Relocating to a new place different from your sanctuary may be quite destabilizing and you do not want to worsen it by confining yourself to a place that will put your mental health to check. If you can, ensure you are staying in a comfortable space. It will be all strange and unfamiliar because you do not know the neighborhoods just yet. You do not know your way around the “secret streets” to cut traffic or the grocery store. You don’t know the cool bars, restaurants, or farmer’s markets. Instead of complicating it some more, it is just best you stay somewhere comfortable while you acclimatize with your surroundings.

Familiarize With Your New Home

This entails being acquainted with the actual residence in which you will reside. If you’ve planned your relocation with the assistance of your company, your accommodations should be ready and waiting for you when you arrive.
Begin by unpacking your belongings. Begin with a few home comforts and wall hangings that will make you feel more at ease before you set up your kitchen or living area.

Don’t feel compelled to jump out into your new city right away. Take a few days to thoroughly set up your home or apartment so that it truly seems like your home.

how to adjust to a new city

Cover Your Basic Needs

One of the most demoralizing things that can happen to you on arrival is realizing you left some of your essentials behind. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or not, the stress of replacing it as soon as possible is the real deal. So, when packing, ensure you have picked all your basic and immediate needs, and they are all covered.

Download Local Apps

Google Map will be a great companion in finding your way around town. Consider finding out about popular local apps in the city that may be useful for you.

  • Ride ordering and sharing apps
  • Logistics and grocery delivery services
  • Food and restaurant reservation or ordering apps
  • Public transit info apps

Chances are high some services may be beneficial for you in that city, the onus is on you to find out if there’s an app.

Tap Networks to Meet People

Meeting people should be high on your bucket list. It is one way you get to familiarize yourself and get settled down in your new city. It can be scary and weird to be in a new city or neighborhood but once you start meeting people, everything starts getting natural and eventually going to be alright. Socializing is certainly one of the most exciting parts of moving to a new city.

Making new acquaintances and having the time to explore will make the transition go more smoothly. Once you’ve settled in, make sure you schedule a time to be especially social!

How to Adapt to a New City

Find a Co-Working Space

Your co-workers are the first set of people you get to see more often when you move to a new city. Use your professional network to your advantage. Get to know your co-workers and ask them for recommendations on where to go in the city and where to find some of the less well-known hot spots. Familiarizing and clicking with them is one way to get settled down.

Make time to speak with old coworkers and friends regularly so that you remain connected to your previous home. But don’t allow your existing relationships to prevent you from developing new ones. You must combine the ancient with the modern.


Walking or taking strolls is a great way to explore a place. Stay curious about the streets around your new home, walk in every possible direction. This allows you to visit areas you might not otherwise be aware of or willing to explore.

Take some time before commencing work to walk about your neighborhood, locate nearby amenities, and investigate local cafes and pubs. Learn your routes to and from work, as well as what could be available for lunch near your office. You will feel more at ease the more familiar you get.

Take the Initiative

Look for friendly faces at a local coffee shop or ask passersby about the best bars or something else. You should also explore attending meet-ups or enrolling in a new class where you may meet like-minded individuals while learning something new. Even getting to know your new city’s baristas, hairdressers, and bartenders will provide you with valuable insight.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

You have to understand certain things take time, although the duration may vary. Don’t expect to be fully stable and acclimatized upon getting into a new city, it will follow a process. So, give yourself some to adjust to your new home and neighborhood. The time it takes for everyone to acclimate is varied. While one person may be to joyfully settle into a new place after only a month, another may require more time to acclimate.

Often, you may have thoughts like “OMG, this was a huge mistake,” “How did I consider this to be a good idea?” or “I am never going to like living here”. Remind yourself that things are still in transition, that moving is difficult, and that you are waiting until you’ve had a year to make any broad conclusions about the move.

Stay Close to Friends & Family Back Home

You will get a little homesick now and then, and that’s fine. One of the few ways to help in a time like this is when you have a small reminder from your previous home. Keeping memories like photos, decorations, wall clocks of where you’re from will help you get through being homesick.

Saying goodbye to your old network, family, and friends which you were used to seeing much more frequently, is a part of relocating for work. It is critical not to lose touch with those individuals. The fewer ties you have to your home life, particularly at the start of the transition, the more homesick you’ll feel.

how to adjust to a new city

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It can never be overemphasized that one of the best ways to meet new people when relocating to a new city is to attend events and try new things. Getting out of your comfort zone can be a thrilling experience. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish if you show up to places or events alone and are willing to meet new people. Steel your nerves and walk into that room filled with new people. Audition for that acapella competition, go for carnivals and meet-ups.

Moving to a new location on your own, whether for a career move or study, is a lot of fun and one of life’s finest adventures. If you put in the time to plan and prepare for a relocation, you’ll discover that it’s not as difficult as you would think.

On a closing note, getting acquainted with a new place takes time, so do not expect that you will immediately feel comfortable. This article was prepared in a somewhat orderly manner in that it gives tips on what to do before moving, when you get into your new city, and subsequently till you begin to feel at home.

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