One major challenge many people face when planning to relocate is getting rid of extra stuff they don’t need. From books, toys, and clothes to machines, kitchenware, work tools, etc. Those rarely or fairly used items in your house that are still in good condition but have little or no intrinsic value to you may just be someone else’s treasure. All you have to do is show it to them, and they’ll be willing to pay whatever it takes to own that item.

Having a garage sale is your best bet to getting rid of all that junk and making some cool cash off them. But how do you ensure that you successfully make a large sale on that day?

Well, the tips for a successful garage sale include strategic planning, clear goals and lots of preparation. You can’t go wrong if you sufficiently prepare with the tips we’re about to show you.


How to prepare for a garage sale

Clear out your closet

Yeah, it’s a lot of work but hey, you just might find something worth selling or donating. At the very least, you get to declutter your space and finally get rid of all that junk hiding in your closet.
So go ahead and bring out all those clothes that don’t fit anymore, celebration decorations you no longer need, old gifts you never got to use books that are not your cup of tea, and all whatnot. Also, clear out the basement, garage, attic, cabinets, under beds, other closets, etc. The idea is to declutter your space, so leave no stone unturned.

Gather the sale-worthy items

Now that you have dug out all the hidden treasures or junk hiding in your closet, the next thing you want to do is sort them out. A good rule of thumb is to divide everything into 3 categories: keep, sell, and trash.
Next, you simplify your setup by sorting out the sale-worthy items into various categories such as jewelry, workout gear, toys, books, kitchenware, children’s clothes, home decor items, etc.

Set the date

The best time to hold a garage sale is on a cool weekend morning; Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. At this time, potential buyers are relaxed and in the mood to spend some money. We also recommend that you hold the sale on the first or second weekend of the month when most workers would have been paid, and have the cash to spare. Check the weather forecast to be sure your ideal date wouldn’t be windy or rainy. Give yourself at least a month to plan the event thoroughly.

Price your items while gathering

It’s not advisable to cost your items the day before your garage sale, because pricing takes a lot of time. You will be too stressed and under too much pressure to make sound choices. So, take your time, and attach prices to each item you gather. Remember you still have at least a month or some weeks to the D-day, take advantage of the window and efficiently cost your commodities till you are all done.

How to set a garage sale price

Anyone who comes to a garage sale expects a huge discount for whatever item they want. If they think the commodity is too expensive, they may not buy it, no matter how new or unused it looks.
So, what can you do to ensure that your customers are excited about your prices?

  1. Name your priceConsider yourself as a buyer; think of the best price you can buy the item if you were the buyer.
    Alternatively, reach out to your friends or relatives and ask them how much they would like to buy the item if it is sold in the market.
    Another way to come up with a reasonable price for your items is to check the item’s market value, then make yours a little lower than it is being sold in the market.
  2. Make the price visibleThe selling point of any garage sale is the discounts on every item. You shouldn’t just make your prices visible, you should make them clear and catchy too.
    You don’t even have to spend much on this, you can use a masking tape and a permanent marker to create something artistic. Or better still, get some inexpensive tag stickers from the discount store.
  3. Cross-sellEncourage your customers to buy more by cross-selling your items. Either place 2 or 3 of the same stuff in a package deal or you add some complimentary items to the major deal as a bundle.
    For example, you could cost a tropical print shirt at $1, but place 3 vintage shirts at $2.5 only. Or you could add a hat and a pair of shorts to the tropical shirt, all going for $2. The customer has the choice of just getting the shirt or adding more things to the cart since the package deal is cheaper.

Don’t hike up your prices and expect to haggle.
Don’t set your price too high just because you want to make a lot of profit. If you do, you may lose many potential buyers or loyal customers. Many of them don’t have time to haggle.

How to advertise your garage sale

If you want a massive crowd on the day of the garage sale, ensure that your location is easy to find. Use colourful balloons and signs that can lead them to your store. Next, get simple banners and place them in very obvious areas where many people can see them. You can also place ads on social media and, if possible, in a newspaper to reach out to as many people as possible.

Garage sale tips

    1. Know how to negotiateBad negotiation skills can chase away your customers. You should know how to haggle and persuade them into buying an item.
    2. Make the garage sale place beautifulMost potential buyers will first consider the appearance of your garage. They will not even bother to look at your items if it looks dirty or crass.
    3. Start earlyAlways ensure to start your garage sale early. Some people love buying early in the morning. If you don’t want to lose those buyers, you must start marketing your items as early as possible. Don’t forget; people have more money at the beginning of the month.
    4. Be safeIt is recommended to keep only a few amounts of cash in the cash box, and the high bill should be kept in your room. And always keep your doors locked during the sale, don’t allow anybody to enter your room or make use of your toilet or bathroom.
    5. Find a truckNothing from the garage sale should go back into your home! Get rid of the sale remains by donating them to charity or selling them online. You can schedule a pickup at the end of your sale. Get a truck to help you move the remnant to the designated charity, and also return borrowed tables, canopies, etc.


A successful garage sale is not rocket science, with these strategic plans in place you can be sure to make massive sales.
Remember to have a solid goal in mind for organizing a garage sale, it will keep you motivated all through the planning process.

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