Some essential household appliances can become a nightmare when it comes to moving them to a new location. Like other home appliances, they need to be handled and moved with care.
Due to its bulk, and the cables and accessories that come along with them, the washing machine is one of those appliances that can be difficult to handle.

They are even more complicated to move, especially when we have them in a very cramped space.
Having the appropriate tools as well as enough helping hands will make the process much easier.
So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to move a washer or dryer, and change its location successfully.
What you’ll need to move a washer and dryer:

  •  Wire cutters
  • An Adjustable wrench
  • Level
  • An Appliance cart, Level, Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Plastic wraps

    Instructions For Transporting A Washing Machine And Dryer.

  • Detach the drain hose to drain the washerBefore moving the washing machine, you must ensure that the internal system of the machine is completely empty and dry. You have to disconnect and remove the water supply hoses, and then drain the remaining water from the washer by running it through its drain and spin cycles. Pull out the drain hose and allow the rest of the water into a large bathtub or bucket.
    We recommend not using the washing machine for at least 24 hours prior to your move.
  • Disconnect the hot and cold water hosesTurn off both the hot and cold water, if you forget to turn off the water faucet, it can lead to a complicated situation.
    Set the machine to warm wash and turn it on. Let it run for about half a minute so that the remaining water can flow from the pipes. Then change the setting to spin and leave it for about a minute to let the water drain from the machine.
  • Secure the shipping boltsCheck the owner’s manual to determine if there are any special instructions for moving the washer. Some new washers require you to install shipping bolts or call a qualified technician to prepare the machine for shipping.
    If you can not find the shipping bolts or acquire new ones you will have to improvise. To do this, remove the rear or bottom panel of the washing machine, and fill the gaps with foam or cardboard, this is to ensure that the parts inside do not move or jiggle unnecessarily.
  • Turn off electricity to the dryerDisconnect your dryer from the breaker panel if you use an electric dryer. If you have a gas dryer then call a professional to disconnect it from the gas line.
  • Unplug the dryerUnplug the cord from the wall and secure it to the back of the machine with tape. This prevents water from entering the plug.
  • Detach the ventilation hoseDetach the hose from the rear of the washer, then tie it in a bag and store them inside the unit of your dryer.
  • Prepare the washer and dryer for movingTo keep your washer and dryer from damage, and to prevent the door from opening and closing during the move, wrap a furniture pad or moving blankets around the machine. You can also place a piece of cardboard between the surfaces and the cart. Use tape to secure the padding and also keep the cords and pipes in place.
  • Use an appliance cart to move the washer and dryerRoll the dolly into position before you load the machine from behind or on either side. Then have someone assist you in lifting one side of the washer before sliding the cart underneath it to hold it in place. Have someone else lift the washer into the cart.
    Unwind the straps from the dolly and loop it around the middle of the washer, making sure to keep the padding between them and surfaces.
    Tighten the straps with the ratchet mechanism. Some ratchets are strong enough to damage the machine, so be careful not to over-tighten the straps. Tilt the cart backwards by pulling its handles, find its balance point then push or pull as needed to move the washer.
  • Position the washer and dryer on the moving truckIf the truck has an elevator, all you have to do is to wheel the dolly onto the elevator and turn on the lift. If it has a ramp instead, have someone push the cart up the ramp and have another person steady the dryer to prevent it from slipping and falling off.
    If the moving truck does not have an elevator or a ramp, you will need at least 3 people to lift it to the truck.
    Don’t rush this process to prevent injuries, dents or damages. Make sure that you are wearing safety gloves during this process. Do not pack the appliance on its side, have it stand upright to avoid damages during transit.
  • Unload and set up the washer and dryerWhen you arrive at your new location, haul the machine unto the cart and wheel it into the new laundry room. Install the machines after you have disconnected the electricity and water supply in the laundry area. Call a professional to connect your gas dryer if you have one.
    Remove the shipping bolts or remove the furniture pads you used then connect the hose and the water lines before you plug in the washer cords. Now turn on the electricity and open the hot and cold faucets. Cross-check for any leak and then use a level to make sure that it is levelled properly.


    It is best to get professional movers around you like Stark Moving Company, who are experts in these kinds of things. You wouldn’t have to worry about how and what you need to protect your machines from any sort of damage. Let the Pros do it for you.
    However, if you insist on roughing it out on your own, we have given you detailed instructions on how to move your washer and dryer to a new location.
    To avoid serious injury, do not attempt to move a heavy appliance alone and do not try to catch one if it falls.
    All the tips in the article will be of great help to ensure that your washing machine arrives in perfect condition at its new location without any consequential damage.

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