When transporting fine wines, additional care and storage are required. Transportation, heat, and exposure to the sun can all impact their sensitive character and chemistry. Moving across the country might be complicated due to the extra-fragile nature of the glass bottles and the extremely sensitive flavor. Improper packing and inconsiderate transportation may result in cracked or ruined bottles. When transporting this expensive collection, we recommend taking special precautions.

Wine packaging

Ensure the bottles are carefully packed to avoid losing your supplies when moving to your new house. If bottles are not packed securely, they can break easily, which causes a huge mess and results in the loss of possibly expensive wine or liquor. Of course, shipping bottles require the most care when packing them, but even short-distance moves require careful planning to avoid damage.

What you need to do before packing a wine collection

  • Check the rules of the destination state or country:Note that when moving to another state of the country, you should remember that each US state has different rules regarding the amount of alcohol that a person can carry into the state for personal use.

Alcoholic beverages are regulated differently in different states. To be safe and prevent legal problems, check with the alcohol beverage authorities in your destination state to see if it is permissible to send wine across state borders.

  • Know the value of your collection:Whether you have a large collection or just a few bottles of wine, you should be aware of the value of your collection. It is beneficial to photograph and inventory your collection. Before packing, go through your bottle inventory and pick which ones you really want to keep. Wine bottles are heavy, so if you’re paying to have them moved, consider what needs to go and what doesn’t.
  • Evaluate your collection: When moving a small collection of reasonably priced wines, you will be able to pack the bottles properly; but, if you are carrying a large collection, you will need to know its current market value in order to obtain the necessary form of insurance.

Evaluation of wine collection

So, if you’re a devoted wine collector with an impressive and expensive collection, you’ll need to appraise it by a competent wine appraiser before packing and transporting it. You would be able to file a claim if something unexpectedly horrible happened to some of your bottles while being carried by professional moving services if you know your collection’s actual market value.


  1. Preparation

After carefully considering what is needed before packing and how to pack wine bottles for moving, it is essential to know what packaging materials will be needed and for what. A specialized shipping box is the safest way to pack wine bottles. They can be purchased online and delivered to you, or you can pick some up from a nearby shipping office.

These specialized boxes come in various sizes and can accommodate one, six, or twelve bottles. The easiest method to ensure your bottles arrive undamaged is to use these shockingly pricey boxes. The boxes can be kept and used to ship wine as gifts or for travels back to your house from the store.

Specialized box for wine shipping

In addition to boxes, you will also need packing papers, bubble wraps, and ultimately box tape to seal the boxes and a marker for labeling.

  1. How to pack

If you enjoy drinking wine and have a valuable collection, your wine bottles will undoubtedly demand special care when relocating. In situations like this, these few methods for packing wine bottles for a relocation can come in handy. We’ve emphasized how to properly pack your wine collection for a safe move to your new home.

  • Buy the Correct Box: Because wine bottles can easily break, it is best to transport wine bottles in luggage in specific cartons. Numerous couriers sell specific wine boxes in various sizes, so you should have no trouble obtaining them.
  • Carefully Wrap Bottles: Make certain that your wine bottles are well safeguarded. Set up a clean, level surface for packing the wine bottles, then pack each one separately. Wrap each bottle in a layer of bubble wrap and packing paper. You can add more layers of bubble wrap and packing paper to protect expensive or delicate bottles.
  • Turn Pack Upwards: To keep the corks moist, it is best to pack red and white wine upside down. By doing this, spillage can be avoided. However, because sparkling wine has carbonation inside the bottle, you should pack it upright when moving it.
  • Cushion the Bottles: Ensure that the bottles don’t bump into one another. Place bubble wraps or packing papers between each bottle to stop this. Alternatively, cardboard cell dividers are helpful and will come in handy. After you’re done packing, tape the box shut.

How to cushion a bottle

  • Double the Boxes: Place the first box into another once you have finished packing it. More padding is provided by the second box, especially if the journey is difficult. Make sure the boxes are fastened together, then tape both shut. Putting “fragile” labels on the boxes is also crucial.
  • Note the Temperature: Most wines may begin to spoil at temperatures greater than 60 degrees. Therefore, transporting your wine in boxes might not always be practical, especially during summer. To maintain a chilly temperature, you can utilize a chest packed with dry ice or speak to your mover about it.
  • Time for Wine Opening: It is preferable to wait seven days before opening the bottles after they have safely arrived at your new house. Opening the wine before it has ultimately settled down will spoil it since it was in a state of disturbance throughout the journey. A wine that has lost its flavor is not something you want to consume.

Moving to a new state or country is a stressful experience, and knowing how to pack wine bottles in luggage will only ease the pain of causing damage if you are a wine collector. Numerous movers have the appropriate tools to pack your possessions adequately. A professional mover will assist you in picking the bottles by bringing the necessary packing tools. This packing method will help you get your wine bottles from one location to another in one beautifully entire piece, whether you are an obsessive collector or occasionally enjoy a glass of white.

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