If you’re packing for a new home and need advice, let us assure you first – you’re in the right place.

You’re probably reading this article because everything looks so cluttered, and you don’t know where to start, or you need the fastest and easy way to get everything organized.

We understand this because we’ve also had our fair share of stress packing up our home to a new place. Moving is hard, but it doesn’t have to take a toll on your mental, physical and emotional health. That’s why this article is here to help you learn how to pack your home for your next move, whether local or across the state.

So, let’s dive into the packing strategies we’ve prepared for you. In this informational article, we will tell you  the best packing tips for moving

packing tips

1. Pack with the Right Box

It can be tempting to use any size of box you find close by. But, don’t take such a risk. Putting heavy gears in too large boxes will mean you willingly give way to possible damage that may occur. Surely, you’ll have heavy and light items. The best chance at getting them safely to your new place and out of your current home without damage is to pack them in the right-sized boxes.

In simple words, pack weighty stuff like books and shoes in a small box and light while the light items can go in larger boxes.

2. Stick to Appropriate Packing Arrangements

You’re probably wondering what the right arrangement is when packing your items in a box. It’s pretty simple. Place heavy items down before putting lighter ones on top. This packing advice also applies when stacking your belongings in the moving van.

Pressure on light items can make them break. You don’t want this, especially if you have rare heirlooms packed in the box.

Packing Arrangements

3. Avoid Space in the Box

Besides the arrangements, you also need to be sure your boxes are spaceless. What does this mean? Avoid leaving empty gaps in the box. With the presence of gaps, you risk damage to your items since they will likely move around during lifting, loading, and on the drive. You never know what can go wrong. So, be prepared for possible damage by filling empty spaces with soft items like packing paper, towels, and clothes.

4. Don’t Forget to Pack Orderly

Yes, you read right. You don’t want to mix up your belongings. Doing so might cause you more headaches than you bargained for when unpacking. Plus, it makes your packing chore faster and easier.

5. Label the Box

We’re sure you already have a marker or sticker at hand before now. If you don’t, quickly get one to label your boxes. Why? It helps you keep track of the box contents. In fact, when you label a box and need something, Al you have to do is read the label, and you’ll get an idea of its full content.

6. Tape the Box Properly to Withstand Pressure

Even though you invested in a new and high-quality box, that doesn’t mean they’re safe from harm. Imagine packing your items in the box and driving in a rainy climate only to realize that the truck’s roof is leaking. Well, you’ll be in big trouble since your boxes will have soaked up the water and are all now mushy. On the other hand, its content might spill out when transporting them to the moving van because you failed to properly secure its openings. So, after packing them up, get a tape to secure their double-opened ends.

taping the box

7. Be Careful Packing up the Kitchen

More than the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and every corner of your home, the kitchen is a place with lots of fragile stuff. In fact, it houses some of the most expensive and exclusive equipment in your house.

Precautions are key when wrapping kitchen wares. Cover glass, ceramic and stainless steel equipment properly to avoid harm to their surface. Also, make sure that sharp objects like knives are wrapped well. This way, you won’t have to lose another important utensil when they mistakenly come in contact with knives.

8. Thaw Frozen Foodstuff a Day Before Move Out

Frozen stuff in the fridge means you’ll be openly giving way for moisture from the fridge to sleep into your boxes. Plus, when you leave them frozen and move the fridge that way, you indirectly invite foul smells and mold into your home. Get rid of anything frozen a day before the moving day, and clean up the fridge.

9. Sort things by category

In simple words, arrange your belongings in a simple way to simplify the packing process. How does this work?

If you’re packing up your room, stick to one room before moving to another. Also, pack clothes separately from books or shoes. This way if you label a box bedroom, you can easily write under it «shoes» and you’ll know that box contains shoes in the bedroom.

10. Add Extra Protection to Fragile Stuff

Apart from your kitchen, you’ll most likely have fragile stuff around your home, from the TV set to mirrors and even glass table tops. You already know that these items are easy to damage with just a simple scratch or dent to their surface. So, the best way to protect them is to add extra protective layers using furniture pads (moving blankets), bubble wrap, or packing paper.

11. Research Your Movers

Don’t just accept the first quote you get from movers because not every company is what they claim. Before hiring any moving company, find out if they are licensed, insured, have professional accreditation, and are recognized by the state government. Also, research their track record to know what previous customers say about them.  

hiring movers

Moving is a game. You’ll win some and lose some – packing is often at the losing end for most people. But, it can be a win-win for you if you’ve got the right tips to direct you through the stage. Try these tips listed in this article and see how easy your job becomes.

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