Relocating inevitably comes with an activity most people would prefer to avoid. Packing, organizing and moving your properties can be tasking. Back in the day, moving was something you had to take responsibility for if you wanted your items to arrive at your new location safe and intact.

The moving industries have come to the rescue, relieving you of this hectic chore, for a fee. These companies continue to emerge and expand to meet the demands for their services.

Basically, they take care of the packing and transporting of your properties to your new location. Asides from safely relocating your properties, full-service movers offer a lot more. Their services include providing items needed for packaging your properties, moving, and organizing them in your new residence. Employing good hands relieves you of the pressure and stress: it is no longer your problem.

Additionally, they are always professional. You don’t need to worry about your fragile belongings being destroyed or doing any heavy lifting: they have it all covered. Before hiring any full-service company, it is important to do your research. Not every company out there is credible.

List of tasks full-service movers handle

Supply of packaging materials and consumables

They offer materials like boxes, bubble wrap, and tape which are needed to store and equally protect your property. The assistance they offer includes the packaging of belongings. This means that the expenses for relocating are rolled into one, so you do not have to spend on packaging materials. Meanwhile, providing your packaging materials will cut down on the costs of relocating your items.

what does full service moving include

Packing your belongings

They help you organize and pack your properties while you run around to take care of other important things. I know what you must be thinking, you are letting a bunch of strangers into your place to do your packing. Nothing better to go missing. You can relax: they’re professionals. If you feel the need to keep an eye on things, it is totally not a problem.

Dismantling of furniture

This is by far one of the most hectic aspects of moving, so thank goodness someone else can do it for you. These movers have professionals that will take care of disassembling your furniture and also reassembling them afterward.

Loading and unloading of trucks

Full-service movers handle the loading and unloading of your properties in and out of the moving trucks during the time of relocation. The workers assigned to your relocation do the heavy lifting and save you agonizing hours of having to do all that work. What a relief, you do not have to lift a finger, literally.

what do full service movers do

Transportation of your belongings

It is better and safer to transport your properties with a moving company than doing it yourself. It is, after all, the most important part of their services. They ensure the safe delivery of your properties to your new location and lighten the burden of relocating.

Unpacking your items

The stress of having to pack and unpack during a move is so tedious you would rather not even think about it. Full-service movers not only transport your belongings but also unpack for you. Talk about convenience!

They reassemble all your heavy furniture and appliances for you, so everything is good to go when you move in.

Delivering special items

Moving brands ensure that your valuable possessions are moved safely. Things like delicate glassware, mirrors, china, piano’s or whatever priceless items can be included in the special item’s delivery. Although, this service comes with its price tag.

Provisions for storage

Some movers offer you the storage option. This is suitable for those who want to store items in a secure place over a short or long period. You can also go for storage if you still need more time and space to sort out your stuff after the move. Heavy cars and large furniture can be kept in storage.

Auto transport

Full-service movers can also relocate vehicles. For those relocating to longer distances, this is a suitable option. This can depend on the size of your automobile. If it is a large vehicle, a container will be used. Smaller cars usually fit in the trucks along with other belongings.

Disposal of packaging materials

Full-service movers not only handle packaging expenses but also dispose of used packaging materials after the move is completed. No one wants to walk into a mess after relocating. They take care of the aftermath of used packaging materials – one less thing to worry about. Also, these companies help you downsize your belongings to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Hiring full-service movers is very convenient, but it is quite expensive and will definitely cost a lot more than moving your things by yourself.

Before hiring a moving company, you will need to know how much their services will cost and if you are comfortable with the amount. You also need to find out if the company you are hiring is a reputable one. You would not want your money going down the drain for nothing. It is important to make a list of all your belongings when moving.

Factors that affect the cost of hiring a moving company

There is a list of things full-service movers consider before charging their fees. Here is a rundown of some of them.


Full-service movers will consider how far they’d have to travel before giving you a quote. The movers offer their services both within the state and across state borders. Depending on how far you are relocating, the charge may vary.

Number of movers you require

If you are moving out of a cozy two-bedroom apartment, you may need three or four movers. Someone moving out of a five-bedroom duplex will obviously need more than a dozen movers. Either way, the fee will depend on the number of movers required to relocate your belongings.

what is a full service moving company

How much stuff you have

The amount and sizes of your belongings will affect the cost of service. Naturally, larger and heavier items will cost more to move. You will be charged for the flight of stairs the movers have to carry your property and other technicalities.

You can also save yourself some costs by moving some less complicated belongings on your own. This will lessen the volume of packages the mover has to relocate.

How long will it take to move your stuff

Remember that they charge customers based on the hours allocated to moving their stuff. Some may take a couple of days, and some may take longer. It all depends on how long it takes to pack the items and the relocation distance. These companies can also complete the relocation in two to three hours for smaller apartments.

Weather conditions

Of course, the weather plays a role when relocating to a new environment. Poor weather conditions can stall the moving process, as movers have to avoid damage to your property due to the bad weather.

Therefore, it is safer for them to operate under good weather conditions to avoid paying for damages. This is why it is vital to ensure that the moving company you are hiring is licensed and insured.

How Much Time Does It Take To Move With Full-Service Movers?

Depending on certain factors like distance and how voluminous your properties are, moving may vary from a couple of hours or days to about a week. Relocating takes patience, especially if the distance is far. Other factors that will affect the pace of relocating include:

  • Estimate and planning time. Usually, for smaller apartments with fewer things to move, moving will take two to three hours. For larger houses with more stuff, moving could take up to three to five days. Also, the distance will determine how soon your belongings can be moved.
  • Packing and furniture disassembly. Hauling furniture and appliances downstairs and into trucks will take a couple of hours or days, depending on the number of items to be moved.
  • Loading and unloading. Depending on the sizes and amount of items to be moved, it might take a big chunk of time during relocation.
  • Unpacking. This includes unloading and rearranging items at the end of a move. Surprisingly, unpacking may likely take less time to do. Probably because the items are already packaged and need just to be put in place.

are full service movers worth it

Final thoughts

In a world where hardship is inevitable, why not cut down on stress if you can afford it, right? That’s why we recommend Stark movers.

Stark movers is a moving company that can deliver. This is a licensed full-service moving company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Stark movers does it all. From moving within and outside the state to moving for personal and business-based relocation. They ensure your items are kept safe and delivered appropriately in due time.

Their employees are professional movers who specialize in the packaging of items, assembling and disassembling of furniture, and delivering of items. In rare scenarios where a customer’s item is damaged, the company takes responsibility and compensates for the damage. Customers can complete payments after the move but will be asked to pay a small deposit before the relocation begins.

Relocating does not have to be a stressful affair with all the provided tips. Simply use a professional and trustworthy moving company.

Thank you for reading our article. You can always order the services of Starkmovers company. Here is a list of our most popular services:

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