Alabama is a southeastern state with a population of approximately 5 million and an area of 32 million acres located in the United States. The state’s name comes from two Choctaw words, “Alba” and “Amo,” which imply “plants or flora” and “picker or gatherer,” respectively.

Things to Know before Moving to alabama

The capital city is Montgomery while the largest and most popular city is Birmingham.

Alabama shares borders with four states with Mississippi on the west, Georgia on the east, and Tennessee and Florida are on the northern and southern edge respectively. In total, there are 67 counties.

The state of Alabama is considered a balanced and self-sufficient state owing to its diversified economy. A larger percent of the state revenue is generated from education, aerospace, banking, health care, and industries.

Alabama has a long and illustrious past that has contributed to the creation of the United States we know and love today. More than all of these there are other interesting things about the state that when properly outline will help to guide your decision concerning moving down to the Yellowhammer state.

Weather Highlight

  • Summer: It is often hot during summer with temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees which is fairly higher than the US average.
  • Winter: Winters are always pleasant and it can be as low as 33 degrees in January with snowfalls reaching 1 inch.
  • Fall: It is always beautiful during fall which starts to peak in October to early November. Temperature ranges from 36 degrees to 70 degrees.
  • Spring: This is one season that is prone to tornadoes and thunderstorms. However, there is usually plenty of precipitation throughout the year. Alabama receives an average of 56 inches of rain every year.

Largest Cities

reasons to move to alabama

Alabama is the 24th largest state in the US with a total of 573 towns and cities; and some of the cities are larger than the others, as expected. Looking at some of the largest cities and their peculiarities starting with Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, and a few others.

  • Huntsville: The largest city by landmass in Alabama is Huntsville covering an area of approximately 219 miles square, and the second-most-populous city. The first United States satellite was launched in Huntsville and it has been the home to NASA’s Manned Space Flight Center, more reason it is referred to as the Rocket City.
  • Montgomery: Montgomery has a population reaching almost 200,603 as of 2020, it is also the second-largest city in Alabama. Montgomery is not just notable as the state’s capital but also one place that is famous for its civil rights history. It’s a lovely city, with plenty of parks and vegetation, as well as some lovely outlying districts.
  • Birmingham: Birmingham is the most popular and populous city with over 207,000 inhabitants and a landmass of 147 miles square. Birmingham’s steel industry had a big role in the city’s development in the past, and the industry continues to play an important role in the city’s economy today. Birmingham is Alabama’s cultural hub, featuring the southeastern United States’ largest art museum.
  • Mobile: Mobile has a population of 187,000 and a total area of 180 square miles, although 22% of this area is covered by water. It is a seaside cultural center with museums, art galleries, professional orchestras, ballets, and operas. Mobile’s antebellum architecture is made up of a variety of styles and can be found in nine different historic districts.
  • Tuscaloosa: There are just 5 cities with a population of over 100,000 and Tuscaloosa is one of them. Tuscaloosa’s economy is based on higher education, as the city is home to the University of Alabama and multiple universities, but the city also boasts thriving service and manufacturing industries.


Before moving anywhere as a family or with plans of starting a family, one of the most important things anyone may want to consider is the quality of the education system in the area. Alabama has both public and private schools across all levels of education including universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools, and preschools.

best reasons to move to alabama

The University of Alabama is the oldest in Alabama founded in 1820 and one of the best universities based on the quality of education and high research activity. It offers more than 100 majors and programs. Wheelchair basketball is offered at UA for both men and women. There are just four of these programs in the entire country!
Auburn University is the second-largest university with a total enrollment of more than 30,000. AU is one of the few universities in the United States with the diverse origin of students coming from over 100 countries. Auburn University has a long history of creating groundbreaking technology. This includes NASA microscopes, bacteria-eliminating technology for water treatment, and highway and bridge construction technologies.


One of the reasons to live in Alabama is food. Just like every other state in the US, Alabama has its unique dishes and some of them are delicious. One certain thing is you will never go hungry with the wide spectrum of cuisines, from the meltingly succulent BBQ pork of northern Alabama to the Gulf Coast’s seafood, shrimp, and oysters.
Let’s make a list of some of the wonderful delicacies you will want to try.

  • Southern Breakfast: Every state has its traditional cooked breakfast, a robust meal to get you ready for the day. There are a handful of combinations ranging from bacon and eggs to biscuit and gravy, grits, and a couple of others that make up the southern breakfast category in Alabama.
  • Iced Tea: Iced tea is served at almost every restaurant as a soft drink from large jugs. Either the sweetened or unsweetened iced tea is always refreshing during the heat of the summer.
  • Fried Catfish: First of all, Alabama is one place where they fry everything possible if they can. One of the most common dishes is fried catfish served in large amounts with coleslaw and French fries.
  • Country Fried Steak: First introduced in the 18th Century by German and has since been refined to the exquisite taste enjoyed by all. It is made from fried beef cube steaks cooked in flour and mushroom soup.
  • Pecan Pie: The southern Alabama pecan pie is one of the signature dishes. It is made from pecan nuts mixed with eggs, butter, and sugar fillings; most recipes include salt and vanilla as flavorings.
  • Barbecue: Barbecue recipes abound in the southern United States, each with its distinct flavor but different variation from others. Alabama barbecue is made by cooking large cuts of marinated pork and other meats over a never-ending wood fire. As a result, the meat is succulent and smoky, and it is served with potato salad and coleslaw as a side dish.

Transportation and Road Network

Alabama is well-connected to the rest of the country by interstate highway, making driving or taking a long-distance bus convenient and affordable. The public bus system in the major cities is cheap and convenient for getting around the city. The Crescent Line, which runs from New York City to New Orleans and makes stops in Anniston, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham, runs through the state. Four airports located throughout the state provide air travel with connections to major hubs. Water corridors in Alabama connect to more than 15,000 miles of inland waterways in 23 states.

Properties and Cost of living

Alabama’s home prices are the second-lowest in the country with the median home value being $142,000 and a monthly rental rate of $770. Alabama is certainly one of the most inexpensive states to live in with a cost index at 15% less than the US average of 105. Almost 70% of the state residents own their homes.
Alabama is a great place to live considering the beautiful natural scenery, variety of tasty foods, several recreational activities, and above all the awesome southern hospitality.

Job Market and Opportunities

According to November 2021 data, there are 28,657 more job listings online than unemployed persons in the state, implying that roughly 30,000 job opportunities would remain if every unemployed person in the state obtained one of the available positions. If you are considering moving to Alabama because of the employment prospects, be certain you are moving to a state with a labor shortage and your chances of getting a job quickly are high.


Alabama collects a state income tax with rates of 2%, 4%, and 5%. In addition, purchases of physical property are subject to a 4% tax. On a lighter note, taxpayers are granted an automatic extension and do not need to formally file.

Population and Ethnicity

According to the United States Census Bureau, Alabama has an estimated population of 5,039,877. About 65% of this population are White, 26% are Black or African-American, and the rest are from different races including Hispanic or Latino, Asian, American Indian, and Alaska Native.

what are some reasons to move to alabama?


Alabama does not boast of a vibrant health care system ranking 46th in the United States. With more than 130 public and private hospitals, only 3 meet the high US News standard. Birmingham City has the top 2 hospitals which include the University of Alabama Hospital and Brookwood Medical Center.


Baseball, football, and basketball are all popular team sports in Alabama, with most fans paying more attention to the scoreboard than the action on the field. The University of Alabama Crimson Tide is the most popular intercollegiate athletic varsity team in the state.
On a closing note, Alabama is a great place to consider if you are looking to work and have great fun. It also offers some of the best cuisines, recreational activities, and carnivals in a serene environment. Moreover, it has a relatively low cost of living, so owning a beautiful home is a lot easier in the YellowHammer State.

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