Located in the South Central region of the United States and shares borders with Missouri to the north, Tennessee, and Mississippi to the east, Louisiana to the south, Texas to the southwest, and Oklahoma to the west. Arkansas is the 29th largest state in the United States with a population of roughly 3 million people.

Arkansas, The Natural State is one of the best places to migrate to considering the low cost of living and high quality of life, which includes enormous outdoor activities, job opportunities, and a vibrant arts scene among other things.

While Arkansas can be a very welcoming and comfortable place for dwellers, it is still a strange place for someone who is moving into the state for the first time. Irrespective of the purpose of relocation which could be work, schooling, or vacation, it is just right to try to understand the terrain before diving in. This article will be about reasons to move to Arkansas.

Things to Know before Moving to arkansas

This article highlights some of the perks of living in Arkansas without being biased. It is also curated to serve as an eye-opener and give insights into what living in Arkansas may seem like. So, if you are planning on moving to Arkansas anytime soon, this article will give some perspectives into what you can expect.


The climate in Arkansas is mostly humid subtropical. Summer in the State is hot and humid, and the winters are warm to chilly. Temperatures in Little Rock typically rise from a low of about 30 °F (–1 °C) to a high of about 50 °F (10 °C) degrees Fahrenheit on a daily basis in January; in July, the daily low temperature is typically in the low 70s °F (low 20s °C) and high temperatures are in the low 90s °F (30s °C). October, on the other hand, tends to be a little drier than the other months. The Ouachita Mountains in the southeastern part of the state receive the most rain, while the Ozarks in the northwest receive the least – consequentially making it the driest area.

what i should know before moving to arkansas

Largest Cities

Arkansas has 540 cities covering a total surface area of approximately 53,000 km2, with water taking just 2% of the area. Little Rock which is the capital city is also the largest city in the State and Maysville is the fastest-growing city. Here’s a list of the top ten largest cities by population.

  • Little Rock
  • Fayetteville
  • Fort Smith
  • Jonesboro
  • Springdale
  • Rogers
  • North Little Rock
  • Conway
  • Bentonville
  • Pine Bluff


The state’s department of education and district school boards oversee the public school system. Schools for the deaf and blind are examples of specialized institutions. The facilities for children with developmental disabilities and for the treatment of mental illness in the state have gained national attention. The majority of the state is served by vocational-technical schools.

There are 13 private colleges and universities in Arkansas, as well as 33 public colleges and universities, two technical institutes, two medical schools, and two law schools. Arkansas is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to all citizens.

reasons to move to arkansas


In Arkansas, Dinner is Lunch, Supper is Dinner. So, do not be worried when you are served dinner in the afternoon, you’ll still eat dinner at night and that is called supper. Although, this is common to the older ones.

Whatever it is, every Arkie knows it tastes better after it has been put into the deep-frying. An Arkie will try anything deep fried at least once, whether it’s a Twinkie, a chunk of pork, or what used to be a “healthy” veggie. Some of the most iconic indigenous foods include:

  • Fried Catfish
  • Fried Chicken
  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Barbecue
  • Baked Beans
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Fried Okra
  • Chocolate gravy
  • Homemade biscuits
  • Sawmill gravy

Transport and Roads

Freight service is provided by many major railroads within Arkansas and to major cities in the central United States. National airlines provide airline service from a number of airports to any location in the country. Little Rock and Bentonville airports are the busiest in the state. The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System is one of the greatest civil works projects ever undertaken by the US Army Corps of Engineers for navigation and flood control. The system is made up of a series of pools connected and regulated by locks and dams; when combined, the pools provide access to the majority of the country’s navigable inland rivers.

reasons to move to arkansas

Cost of Living

One of the main reason to live in Arkansas is that it has a substantially cheaper cost of living than the rest of the country. In the state, a dollar supports spending more than it does in more expensive states. According to C2ER’s Cost of Living Index, the cost of living is around 14% cheaper than the rest of the country.

In Arkansas, affordable housing is plentiful, and it is one of the most major cost-of-living disparities. According to Zillow, the median price of a home sold is $157,000, with a $100 median list price per square foot. The average monthly rent is $1,000.

Job Market

Arkansas is a diversified state with distinct prospects in each location. There is always an employment possibility near you, depending on where your residence lies on the map of the industry. It’s likely that you’re thinking about your future employment while picking where to live in the state. The following is a list of some of the employers in Arkansas that employ the most people.

      • Arkansas State Government
      • Walmart Inc.
      • Tyson Foods Inc.
      • U.S. Government
      • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
      • Baptist Health
      • Mercy
      • CGI St. Vincent
      • Arkansas Children’s Hospital
      • Kroger Co.

State property and Personal income taxes

Whether you own a home or rent, the property tax bill is always your responsibility. Living in Arkansas is great when it comes to property taxes. Because the property taxes on a median-priced income are among the lowest in the United States!


The state’s healthcare system lags behind that of other states. Although there have been recent advances, it still ranks 48th in terms of medical services when compared to other states. This does not imply that healthcare is of bad quality.

The ranking is primarily due to a lack of finance and technology. While the care may not be cutting-edge, it is typically adequate and meets fundamental necessities. However, specialized care may need you to go out of state.

Outdoor Life

Arkansas is well-known for its stunning natural environment and terrain. After all, the moniker for the state is “Natural State.” Popular outdoor activities for those who like the great outdoors include:

  • Hiking
  • Bicycling
  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting

Water skiing, canoeing, and tubing are all activities that may be done on the water.

Arkansas is also noted for its geographical variety. From the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers’ valleys. And their numerous tributaries. To the mountains and bluffs that surround them. And then there are the trees and lakes. Take into account the weather and the terrain. And this state has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts.


Arkansas is also a great spot to discover sports training facilities and event sites. Fantastic communities and venues offer state and national competitions, as well as activities ranging from baseball and soccer to mountain biking and marathons.

All classic sports, such as football, softball, golf, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, and track, have first-rate, professional sports facilities for all ages and sanctioned leagues. However, Arkansas also provides an ideal setting for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, rodeo, and even ATV events.


While Arkansas is rustic and homey, it also has a sophisticated side to it. The art culture in this city is rather spectacular. Little Rock, Texarkana, Fayetteville, and Conway, among the major cities, host frequent exhibitions and theatrical tours.

what to know before moving to arkansas

The major repository for literary work in the country is housed at the Arkansas Arts Center in the capital city. The Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville has an excellent collection of American art, as do the galleries in Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.

Above all, Arkansas is a great place to live if you are considering moving in for work, schooling, alone, or even with your family. However, you should consider the pros and cons and see if it suits you before making that final decision of moving into the State.

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