Nicknamed ‘The Mile High City,’ thanks to its 5,280-foot elevation, Denver is among the fastest-growing cities in the US. It’s one of the top spots for eco-friendly lifestyles since the residents enjoy the advantages of living in a big city while being close to nature, especially the Rockies. 

This city has a lot going on: the expanding job market, stable and growing economy, progressive lifestyle, innovative thinking, and gorgeous scenery. In this article, we will explore the best reasons to move to Denver, Colorado.

reasons to move to Denver

1. Denver’s flourishing economy

Denver’s economy is on a steady uptrend. One of the most significant contributors to the booming city’s economy is that new companies are constantly gaining a foothold, adding more positions into the job market.

The nine biggest industries that have a strong presence in this city include Aviation, Bioscience, Beverage Production, marijuana, IT, healthcare, Energy & financial services, telecommunications, and Aerospace. 

An important note on the Aerospace industry — Colorado is taking solid strides toward branding the state as the aerospace leader.  Aerospace Alley is their aerospace-focused version of Silicon Valley. This sector is singularly responsible for more than 30,000 jobs here. There are almost 280 aerospace businesses and over 500 companies offering space-related services and products. So if you’re aiming to secure a job within this field, there will be no lack of opportunities! 

2. Denver’s diverse neighborhoods

The Mile High City is full of lively communities on every corner. As with most places, the neighborhood closer to the city’s core — Downtown — will be hippest than those further out. Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular areas in Colorado’s capital city:

  1. Capitol Hill: Cap Hill is Denver’s most densely populated city. It has numerous bars, restaurants, six museums, and many galleries for you to enjoy. Housing options include historic homes ranging from $200,000 to $400,000  and contemporary apartments that will run you around $1,600 per month.
  2. Cherry Creek: This neighborhood is Denver’s shopping hub with a 22-mile bike trail full of salons, boutiques, spas, and art galleries. The homes here quickly sell for over a million dollars, and it will cost you over $2,200 to rent an apartment. 
  3. River North Art District (RINO): RINO is Denver’s hipster town. It has many hip shops, street murals, quirky bars, and restaurants. It’s pretty walkable (can be sketchy at night). This neighborhood attracts young and creative folks, and the rent is on the cheaper side at $1,859 per month. 
  4. Downtown Denver: This area will give you the most Big City feel since it’s located at the city’s heart and right next to public transportation. Expect to pay extra for easy access. Rent typically costs $2,200, and buying a house will cost around $480,000. There are many high-rise buildings and busy streets in this area. As for neighborhoods, you will have to choose between: 
  • Central Business District: Denver’s business hub is most busy during business hours.
  • Lower Downtown: Denver’s entertainment spot jam-packed with bars, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. This area is best for young professionals rather than families with kids.

reasons to live in Denver

3. Denver weather

You may be surprised at the following reason to live in Denver, but it’s its weather. Denver usually gets depicted as a snowy city with ice-clad mountains. But the reality is a little different — its residents enjoy the whole four seasons. The summers span about 3.2 months, with hot temperatures reaching as high as 89°F, usually in July. Here’s something cool — the state of Colorado receives close to 320 days of sunshine (more sunny days than Miami!), so expect to get plenty of Vitamin D throughout the year!

Winters last about 3.5 months with temperatures ranging between 22°F and high of 44°F. The coldest month is typically January. Expect plenty of rain, snow, ice, and chilling temperatures during the winters. 

Denver is located in a semi-arid area. Its high altitude and location contribute to its dryness. Regardless of the weather or month, expect low humidity compared to where you currently live. Nosebleeds, dryness, headaches, and dehydration are common, especially in winter. So staying hydrated, keeping a rich moisturizer (and chapstick) in your bag, and a humidifier in your home will help. Also, apply sunscreen every day since high elevation means harsher sun exposure. 

4. Mesmerizing Denver view

Regardless of where you are in Denver, you will have the opportunity to take in spectacular views the city has to offer. From the gorgeous skyline to the majestic Rocky Mountains, Denver doesn’t disappoint with views. But there are spots you can go to for a guaranteed feast for your senses. These include:

  • Sloan’s Lake
  • Coors Field
  • Ruby Hill Park
  • Peaks Lounge
  • Inspiration Point Park

5. Denver’s Thriving Food and Beer Scene

Denver is the ultimate city for beer lovers. It has the second most microbreweries after Portland, earning its nickname, “Napa Valley of Beer.” This city is home to significant brewing companies like Coors Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing. 

Despite being tucked between the Rockies’ snowy peaks, this city has an incredibly eclectic food scene that serves the best international cuisines and farm-to-table dishes. Here are some must-eat spots in Denver:

  • Cart-driver: Some of the best pizzas in Denver
  • Bread N Butter: southern fried chicken 
  • Linger: One-stop restaurant for foods from all over the world
  • Marg’s Taco Bistro: Denver’s best Mexican food
  • Osaka Ramen: Delicious ramen; they have vegetarian options as well
  • Bastien: Some of the best sugar steaks in Denver

6. The events in Denver

From theater, live music, comedy shows, festivals to dance performances, there are plenty of events to keep you and your family busy throughout the year.

Some of the most popular Denver events include:

  • National Hispanic heritage month: Each year, from September 15 to October 15, you will find many cultural events celebrating Americans With roots in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
  • Denver food and wine festival: This multi-day event features Colorado’s best restaurants paired with the finest wine and spirits.
  • Colfax Marathon: This is the biggest running weekend in the Rockies that includes a marathon, half marathon, urban ten miler, marathon relay, and a 5K.
  • Cheesman Park Art Festival: This event brings together 135 artists and artisans from throughout America to show and sell their original work directly to the consumers.

reasons to move to Denver, Colorado

7. Denver’s culture

Colorado’s capital Denver has been increasingly sophisticated over the years. This city is full of residents from different ethnicities, like Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans, who come together to make this space eclectic with different festivals and celebrations.

Denver is a young city, with a median age of just 32. With the job market thriving, you will find a lot of young professionals moving here. It’s also the healthiest city in the US, with one of the lowest obesity rates. 

8. Denver’s history

This city’s history is rooted in the discovery of Gold in 1858. Denver started growing during the Gold Rush, and during the 1870s and 80s, silver became more lucrative than gold, fueling the creation of many mining facilities. The silver market crash in 1893 pushed Gold again to the forefront. Along with farming, cattle and sheep rearing, and tourism gave Denver a more stable economy. 

Eventually, railroads helped Denver become a significant food processing center since wheat, cattle, and sugar beets were transported through trains. The current Denver serves as an industrial, commercial, and transportation hub throughout the US and has a high concentration of high-tech companies. Once you move here, there will be plenty of history for you to explore. 

9. Denver’s sports scene

The Mile High City hosts teams from NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Denver’s sports scene is bustling with ardent supporters of the Denver Broncos (football), Nuggets (basketball), Colorado Rockies (baseball), Avalanche (ice hockey), and Colorado Rapids (regional soccer). 

The moderate climate makes this city ideal for outdoor sports all year round. There are many sporting venues throughout Denver, mainly Pepsi Center, which hosts most of the professional sports teams mentioned above. 

reasons to move to Denver. Co

10. Denver’s businesses

There are thousands of companies gracing Denver’s commercial stage. Due to its proximity to the Rockies, the city has been home to hundreds of mining and energy companies like Smith international, Halliburton, Newmont Mining, and Noble Energy. Its location also makes it a prime hub for communication with the North American coast, South America, Asia, and Europe, benefiting telecommunication companies like DIRECTV, Comcast, quest communications, and dish network corporations.

Some national companies with offices in Denver include Amazon, Tata consultancy, Kroger, IBM, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, HCA healthcare, Hilton, Dell, Oracle, and Apple.

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