Houston is the fourth most popular city in the United States, with its teeming population of more than 2 million people. The city has people from different parts of the world. As a result, cultural diversity is vast. This city is quite amazing because of its sunny-all-year-round weather, family-oriented neighborhoods, flourishing job market etc. The city houses the most comprehensive medical center in the United States, known as Texas Medical Center. In this guide, we will show you some of the exciting reasons to move and live in Houston, Texas.

reasons to live in Houston

1. Low Cost of Living

It is inexpensive to live in Houston, compared to famous cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, DC, etc. It is a city with high salary income and no state tax, which allows you to save money. The cost of renting or buying a house is low compared to other metropolitan cities. With a balanced income, you can buy a home here.
The price of groceries, such as gas, food, etc., is also relatively low. You can also get your foods directly from the producers by going to the farmers’ market near you. Parking is also very affordable, especially for those who own a vehicle, and many move around the city.

2. Diversity

Because it is home to numerous ethnic and religious backgrounds, it is known as the most diverse metropolitan city in Texas.
Houston has a diverse ethnicity with Nationalities like Chinese, Black Americans, White Americans, Hispanics, Indians, Africans, etc. The inhabitants speak more than 140 other languages there.
If you are not convinced about moving to Houston, the cultural diversity should be enough to move here. You would meet different people from different backgrounds here and would easily blend in. There are also various age groups ranging from young to older people.
The neighborhoods here vary depending on what you want. There are elegant, expensive homes located around the famous West University. There are also less costly apartments, family-focused residences, quiet neighborhoods, etc. It all depends on what you want.

3. Job Opportunities

The city has the most fortune 500 companies, second only to New York City. The booming Job Market in Houston includes oil and gas, health, aerospace, IT, start-ups, etc. Their primary focus is on technology, medical research, and corporate setups, but you will always find opportunities in various workspaces. According to a study, the unemployment rate in Houston is 3%. No wonder it keeps popping up on Forbes’ list “Best Places for Business and Careers.” It has the largest and best medical center in America. Most university graduates in the medical field come to work there. If you have the proper qualification and skill set, getting a job in Houston won’t be a problem.

reasons to live and move to Houston

4. Entertainment and Recreation

Due to the diversity of people in Houston, there are lots of entertaining and recreational activities that take place there. There are lots of concerts, festivals, and shows to attend in Houston all year round. Examples of these are the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (which runs for 20 days!), the Food Truck Festival, Houston Gay Pride Parade, Auto Shows, Houston Greek Festival, etc. It also has many tourist attractions, including Hermann Park, Johnson Space Center, Houston Museum District, Paddle in Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston Zoo, Houston Children Museum, etc. Adults and kids will find engaging activities to entertain them.

5. The Food scene

Houston has many restaurants with different types of food variations, including Italian cuisine, Asian cuisine, sushi, Chinese foods, American foods, BBQ (for which they are famous), etc. Houstonians are known for eating out; in fact, research claimed that the city had over 11,000 restaurants. Their palate is broad to suit their eclectic population. They include seafood, barbecues, fresh foods, etc.

reasons to move and live in Houston

6. Arts and Culture

Also Known as Bayou City, Houston has one of its strengths in culture. Its art and culture scene never lacks interest. Every year, at least 7 million people visit the Museum District, where more than 19 museums, community spaces, and galleries exhibit their cultural heritage.
Have a feel of the artistic expressions through which Houston showcases itself. Because of its creative flair, it has become a home for big touring companies and performers who do their best to keep you entertained constantly. In Houston, you will find show houses like Houston Symphony Orchestra, Houston Grand Opera, several museums, music tour shows, and theater companies.

7. Best shopping experience

If your idea of a good time is shopping, you will enjoy shopping to your heart’s content in Houston. The city has got an unbeatable shopping infrastructure. There are many mega malls, native couturiers, boutiques, etc., that peddle style; perhaps, for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as the Style Capital of the South.

8. Outdoor fun

Another major thing Houston has going for it is their amazing outdoors! Of all the 10 most populous cities in the US, Houston has the most nature parks. They are big on having lots of green spaces, and there are lots of open spaces and gardens to visit if you love outdoor camping, picnics, and hiking.
The city is home to 337 parks, including Tranquility Park, Lake Houston Park, Hermann Park, Buffalo Bayou Park, Sesquicentennial Park, Sam Houston Park, etc. Inside Hermann Park are delightful sights to keep you entertained. You will find the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Zoo, as well as numerous reconstructed historic buildings and landmarks.
The sunny weather in Houston encourages various outdoor activities like swimming, sport shooting, biking, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, etc.

reasons to move to Houston

9. Educational options

If you are searching for a great place to study without crippling your finances, then Houston should be at the top of your list. With over 300,000 students studying in various colleges and universities. You can always choose the best options available. There is Rice University, the Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Houston, and other distinguished educational programs that will satiate your desire to learn.

10. Sport rave

Sports fans in Houston enjoy a variety of games and have the different teams they support. Of course, the town has its favorite hometown team as it is deep into the sports culture. You will find the men and women soccer, baseball (Astros), the football league (Texans), basketball (Rocket), among others. Also, the wide range of schools in the city ensures that there is always one sports competition or athletic event taking place all year.

reasons to move to Houston Texas

11. For the love of history

History buffs are not sitting this one out, not with all the historical facts waiting to be rediscovered by you. You can glean much about Houston by visiting historic battlegrounds, museums, historical sites that are still standing, etc.

12. The Texan Culture

As diverse as Houston city is, its Texan culture remains intact. So, while you can enjoy the cultural and ethnic diversity, there is always a unique Texan feel that you can’t experience elsewhere. Things like the rodeo, Texan music, cowboy clothing, etc., will always remind you that this is a Texan city.

Final thoughts

This exceptional and culturally diverse city is an excellent place to live, especially if you love adventure and warm weather conditions. Nothing brings the town together like a rodeo, carnival rides, food stands, festivals, etc. From the above, it’s evident that Houston is one of the best cities to move to, especially if you want to experience a different kind of environment.

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