If you’re considering moving to a new state like Illinois, you’re on the right track.

Don’t get us wrong, your current state definitely has its perks and that’s why as you move out, new immigrants come in. Your decision could be for simple reasons such as convenience, education, living standards, and even employment. A place like Illinois offers this perk and more.

Sure, every state has its problems. For instance, Illinois suffers from awful traffic, high tax rates, and an unpredictable climate but three negatives can’t outshine ten positives. If you’re not sure why you should move to this state, here are 10 reasons to move to Illinois.

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1. Low cost of living

The living standards in Illinois are not as extreme as in places like the nation’s capital. In fact, the living overlay in Illinois is far more favorable than in states at 93.4%. More than this, the real estate market makes renting or buying a house a friendly option. You can rent a two-bedroom apartment for less than $1,000 in Illinois, unlike states like Florida, where the price for the same home structure costs up to $1,700 per month.

2. Competitive real estate market

The competitive housing market in Illinois will benefit people looking to buy a house. Averagely, houses don’t stay on sale for more than twenty-five days. This year alone, home sales have risen by 9.6%. What does this mean? If you buy a house, you’ll make much profit from sales faster than in most states.

3. High-quality education

If you’ve got school-aged children with you and need to find quality educational facilities in the states, you’ll be happy with the educational facilities this state offers. The public and private schools are among the best in the nation, ranking third in education. If you’re in search of higher educational facilities, the state also boasts of 125 ingenious institutions and forty-eight colleges.

illinois university

4. Solid economy

One of the best things about relocating to this state is its economy. It’s not because Illinois has the fifth largest GDP in the United States. Thanks to the diverse industries from machinery industries to electronics, media publishing, transportation, engineering, metal production, and even food processing, the economy can be a strong powerhouse.

What does this mean for you? If you’re moving to this state for job opportunities, you’ll find various industries with openings to cater to your living expenses. You even enjoy $15 as minimum wage per hour – a figure among the highest in America. Even 36 of the top Fortune 500 companies have a branch here.

5. It is a Sport’s Fan Dream

For the passionate sports fan, the sports culture makes moving to Illinois worthwhile. Whether you love watching more football, baseball, basketball, soccer, or you are a hockey fan, there’s always a sports event to look forward to and a team to cheer on. Illinois also has up to five pro sports teams the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and White Sox.

chicago baseball

6. You’ll enjoy mouth-watering dishes

When it comes to food varieties, Illinois is a culinary heaven where you enjoy international-style dishes and the best of Illinois specialty cuisines. From hotdogs to Illinois-style deep dish pizza, poutine, pierogis, Italian beef sandwiches, gyros, horseshoes, and even the famous Frontera grill, the variety of dishes at your disposal will make your mouth water.

Places like 17th Street Barbeque boast of the best brisket, pulled pork, macaroni, and cheese dishes. But, if you’re looking to enjoy the taste of Mexican delicacies, Bien Trucha is one of Illinoi’s most sought-after restaurants.

7. There are plenty of things to do

If adventures, whether family-friendly or personal excite you, another perk of moving to this state is that you’ll enjoy so many fun activities that’ll keep you busy. From the museums to the parks and zoos, the cities in Illinois hold more attractions than you can think. You can visit one of the oldest zoos in America, the Lincoln Park Zoo to watch some fun exhibits. The Field Museum in Chicago showcases some fascinating artifacts, while Chicago’s Millennium Park features the famous Cloud Gate sculpture.

Lincoln Park Zoo

8. Houses a famous city

Of all reasons to move to Illinois you’ll find in this guide, the best is that you’ll be living hours or minutes away from Chicago, one of the biggest and most famous metropolises the world has had the honor to meet. Even if you find an apartment within an hour’s drive to Chicago, the best part is with a train ride, you can easily make Chicago your favorite vacation spot.

9. Architecture

As you walk through the Illinois, one word, ‘beautiful,’ will always resonate in your mind. Why? Illinois is a place filled with architectural marvels. You’ll find some of the best-designed high-rise building and outstanding structures, both residential and commercial the universe has ever seen.

Chicago boasts of over 50% of these architectural marvels, but places like Springfield, Joilet, Aurora, and Naperville also house some magnificent architecture.

10. Beautiful nature

The state does not fall short of natural attractions that will keep you busy, Love snorkelling? Lake Michigan is more like a shipwreck storage yard where you can fuel your passion. You can also experience nature in full force at places like the Matthiessen State park, Ferne Clyffe State Park, Moraine Hills State Park, Starved Rock State Park, Mississippi Palisades State Park, Pere Marquette State Park, Silver Springs State Park, Illinois Beach State Park, Buffalo Rock State Park, Moraine Hills State Park, and even Giant City State Park.

state park

Illinois has a population of over a 2.7 million residents, but that does not mean the state has less to offer. From the low cost of living to the competitive real estate market, quality education, strong economy, passionate sports culture, amazing food scene, nature, architecture, and outdoor activities, and its proximity to one of the nation’s largest metropolises, Illinois is a place that allows you to enjoy the perks of urban living.

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