Should you move to Indiana? Will the standard of living, weather, nature, culture, and commute be favorable? These are some common questions that often materialize when considering relocating to America’s crossroad state, Indiana.

More than its interconnected highways and fertile cornfields, Indians houses some interesting hidden gems from the Holiday World theme park dedicated to Santa Claus to a unique economy packed with flourishing industries.

Did you even know that Santa Claus lives in Indiana and not the North Pole? There’s more than what meets the eyes in this America’s north-central state. Regardless, here are some things to know before moving to Indiana.

indiana santa claus

1. Low-Cost Living Standards

One of the many reasons to move to Indiana is that the cost of living is pretty low. Although the median household income is $11,000 short of the national average, the low property and income tax rates and cheap real estate options make moving to this state worth it.

Consider these statistics:

  • The median home price in the US is $329,000, but in Indiana, you’ll only have to pay $141,700 to buy a house.
  • The nation’s average salary income is $56,310, while Indiana’s average salary income is just a bit above $46,000.

These reasons make America’s crossroad state one of the cheapest places in America to live. Even US News and World Reports rank Indians as the third most affordable place to live in the United States.

2. Nature-Filled Views

All around the state, you’ll find every city brimming with sprawling natural-filled surroundings. If you love nature, you can’t go wrong with any part of this state you choose to explore. You also can’t go wrong with landscape photography. Kenneth Keifer and David Arthur, two of Indiana’s popular nature photographers have had their fair share of fame thanks to the embellished exterior of Indiana’s nature scenes they always capture on their cameras.

So, if you love natural scenes, all you need to do is visit one of Indiana’s 24 state parks or the 3 national parks. Places like Kissing Bridges, Nappanee, Cataract Falls, Hemlock Cliff Falls, Bean Blossom, and Monument Circle are some natural landmarks offering scenic views you’ll never get tired of.

indiana Cataract Falls

3. The Thriving Food Scene

The beauty of living in this place is that you rarely have to crave something without having a place that makes signature delicacies to quench your cravings. Famous for their hamburgers, peanut butter, waffles, chili noodles, sauerkraut, and popcorn, Indiana’s food scene will keep your stomach entertained with ease.

4. Traffic is Zero Existent

If you currently live in metro cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and New York with constant traffic congestion, Indiana will be a breath of fresh air during commute. You won’t have to wake up early to get to work or leave home early to meet appointments. In fact, relocating to this region means you can leave home late and get to your destination in a matter of minutes, no matter the distance.

5. Lots of Outdoor Fun Activities

The outdoor scene will be your safe haven in this state. From Scuba diving to boating, kite surfing, and fishing, there are lots of things to keep you busy through all seasons. If you’re more of an art lover, the museums will keep you busy. Places like the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Indianapolis Speedway are fantastic art attractions with lots of alluring findings you won’t easily process in one visit.

indianapolis speedway

6. Weather

You’ll always look forward to experiencing all four seasons in this state. Summers are incredibly warm, with temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees. Spring and Fall seasons are mild, with temperatures as high as 50 to 60 degrees and lowest at 40 degrees. But, the Winters are something to always look forward to. January spots low temperatures at 18 degrees.

7. Sports

Indiana also has a rich sports culture. Sports fans clutter the streets of Indiana during professional sports leagues to watch their favorite teams, from the Indiana Pacers (NBA) to FC Indiana (NPSL), Indiana Eleven (USLC), and even Indian Colts (NFL). But their sports culture isn’t limited to professional teams. The Hoosier state boats of thriving college sports with Butler University and Indianan University housing the biggest basketball teams and the University of Notre Dame, famous for its Fighting Irish football team.

8. Robust Higher Education Systems

The biggest benefit you gain from moving to Indiana if you have kids is that you get to enroll them in top-quality schools. Indiana’s educational system ranks one of the best in the nation, with over 87% high school graduation rate.

Besides this, the schools here, whether institutions of higher learning or colleges and high schools are highly regarded in America. Schools like Indiana University, Purdue University, Notre Dame University, Indiana State University, and Butler University have made history in the state with their strong inclination toward impacting knowledge properly.

Purdue university

9. Culture

When we talk about the culture, it’s not just about the diversity you’ll find in the state. It’s how much joy they get practicing a community lifestyle based on love and togetherness.

If you’re a family-oriented person, you’ll love this part of America because they are friendly people and their good-natured, hospitality culture ranks second to none.

10. Average Crime Rate

More than the friendly culture, crime rates are not as outrageous as they used to be. Before now, you’d probably want to remain in your current home than move here. But unlike when Indiana’s crime rates were slightly above the national average at 9%, the violent crime rate has reduced drastically to 3.6% below the national average.


Indiana neighborhoods are no angel, but it offers amazing living benefits, from the food scene to the affordable cost of living, scenic views, high-quality education, interesting weather, friendly culture, and sport heritage that makes relocating to this region worthwhile. So, if you’re wondering whether it is a good place to live, the answer is yes. You’ll get all and more than what you bargained for with ease.

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