The Sunflower State has always been hospitable. Kansas is proud of its illustrious heritage and is steeped in American history. The Kansas River, which was called after the Kansas Native Americans who resided along its banks, gave rise to the nickname “Sunflower State.”

You would have considered the benefits and drawbacks of living in Kansas while considering a move to the nation’s breadbasket, but you could have overlooked some. You can learn more about it from this guide which has been carefully curated to make you see reasons to move to Kansas.

Cost of Living

The most remarkable feature of this vibrant metropolis is its inexpensive cost of living in comparison to other cities in America. While the median family household income in Kansas is roughly $50,000 per year, the cost of living there is 21% lower than the national average. Because Kansas is a large producer of goods for domestic consumption and manufacturing, goods are less expensive here. The cost of utilities, groceries, transportation, and other daily necessities is significantly less expensive in the City of Fountains than in other major cities.

Affordable Housing

When it comes to housing costs, the Sunflower State is eighth in the nation. The housing costs in this area are incredibly inexpensive compared to the national median price. It is not surprising that Kansas City is one of the greatest locations in America to buy a home given the low prices plus the low property taxes in the state. Unsurprisingly, the Midwestern metropolis has lower rents than other cities. Areas with affordable housing in Kansas are listed below.

  • Pratt
  • Ulysses
  • Parsons
  • Mulvane
  • Concordia
  • Wellington
  • Arkansas City
  • Bel Aire
  • Atchison
  • Park City

Kansas Housing options

Entertainment and Recreational Options

The state is brimming with exciting indoor and outdoor entertainment options and locations. In historical locations, the Sunflower State has a calm, storied, and natural ambiance that has been preserved over centuries. The city’s plethora of outdoor attractions ideal for thrill-seekers best capture its rural and small-town feel. Some of the best places to go with the family and children are:

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • The National Museum of Toys and Miniature
  • Kansas City Zoo

Educational Opportunities

There are numerous top-notch private schools in the area as well as many great public schools. One of the main factors driving so many families to the Kansas City suburbs is the Blue Valley school district, which is among the best in the nation. You will have several possibilities in the Kansas City region whether you are considering higher education or have children in school.

Job Opportunities

The state’s current unemployment rate of 3.6% is lower than the national average. It’s easy to understand why individuals are relocating to Kansas for employment given this significant employment growth. The Midwest’s core of tech development, Kansas City is a key hub for agribusiness, finance, healthcare, transportation, and distribution. The city’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average, and there are plenty of work prospects with emerging high-tech firms.


Residents of the Sunflower State always experience all four seasons. The western part of Kansas experiences cold, semiarid weather. Winters can be cold and snowy, and summers can be hot and muggy. Rain and sometimes tornadoes are signs of spring. Every Kansan is aware that the weather in Kansas might change suddenly, so they always prepare for the worst.

Kansas weather


One of the main reasons the Sunflower State is great is because of the diverse local culture. There are many fantastic museums in the city, and many of them don’t charge admission. In addition to having some of the best art museums and galleries in the nation, Kansas City is home to a wide array of performance spaces.

Friendly People

People are cordial, and the city has a lively, welcoming vibe. Midwesterners are typically recognized for being honest and trustworthy, but the people in Kansas City are incredibly nice and always willing to help. Everyone takes the time to interact with visitors, introduce themselves, and show them around. The sense of community is quite strong. There is a lot of generosity there, and you can always count on the locals to wave and grin at you everywhere you go.

Numerous Farmers’ Markets

One of the best reasons to relocate to Kansas City is the region’s abundance of fresh produce. In Kansas City, there are over 30 farmers’ markets, ranging from tiny locations selling fresh produce grown nearby to large markets with over a hundred merchants selling anything from organic food to homemade soaps and flowers.

Kansas city market

Short Commute

Kansas has little traffic, making it simple to travel across its rural areas by car for a variety of reasons. For a state its size, Kansas has the fifth-shortest commute in the nation. The huge amount of land that the metropolitan region occupies makes travel easier and faster. In the Midwestern cities, traffic is hardly a concern; the average commute time in Kansas City is 23 minutes.

The Best Barbecue

The best barbecue in the US is Kansas City style because of how it is made. It is slowly smoked over a variety of woods before being frequently covered with a rich sauce made of tomatoes and molasses. There are absurdly many BBQ restaurants in the city, and they are all superior to one another in terms of quality. However, Kansas City’s overall food and drink culture are excellent, not just the barbecue. The city is home to several fantastic restaurants, excellent craft beer establishments, and stylish cafés.

For those who enjoy the “big city” vibe with the appropriate amount of prairie and golden plains, Kansas City strikes the ideal balance. While there are many commercial services available, there are also plenty of parks and gathering spots for families. However, whether it’s the best place for you will depend on what you want from a city. Given that KC consistently ranks near the top of lists ranking the greatest cities in the nation, it seems like a pretty fantastic place to call home. Sequel to reading this article, you should have enough reasons why move to Kansas.

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