The Great Lakes State, with a populace of less than 10 million, has a lot to offer, from inexpensive homes to breathtaking vistas. Michigan has gained attention as a state where homes are affordable and one of the most significant states to launch a small or medium-sized business. With one of the lowest tax rates in the country, Michigan’s income tax is about 4.25 percent for all levels. With distinct summers and winters and consistent rainfall distribution throughout the year, the State has a humid tropical climate. The state experiences severe cold and snowfall.

Michigama, which means large lake in the local tongue, is where the State gets its name – given that the Great Lakes are located in the Wolverine State. The Wolverine State is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, active outdoor lifestyle, and some of the top universities in the country. Therefore, there are many things you should be aware of and ready for if you are considering moving to Wolverine State. Here are some tips you should take note of when moving to Michigan.

Reasons to move to Michigan

Reasons to move to Michigan

Cost of Living

Michigan’s overall cost of living is about 11 percent less than the U.S. average. For a couple, the monthly average cost of living in the State is $2900. This expense includes rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, insurance, transportation, and other necessities.

Northern Lights

Historic lighthouses are stunning reminders of Michigan’s past and add a touch of culture to many lakeside towns. After you relocate to the State, you’ll be able to observe the Northern Lights over Lake Superior.

Northern lights in Michigan


The Coney dog is a culinary specialty of the Wolverine State. The “Coney sauce,” a chili-based topping atop Coney dogs, distinguishes them from other hot dogs. The locals enjoy this cuisine.

The Great Lakes State craft beer market has been growing, producing some of the nation’s most cherished and well-reviewed beers

Education options

One of the most prestigious public universities in the nation is the University of Michigan. You and your children will be eligible for reduced tuition at the University of Michigan if you reside in Michigan, saving you much money on a top-notch education.

Sports Culture

In The Great Lakes State, collegiate and professional sports are very popular. Michigan residents have a very strong belief in the football teams from the Universities of Michigan and Michigan State, as well as professional teams like the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers. The state’s residents are ardent supporters of their sports teams, even during losing seasons.

Job Market

You can choose from a wide range of cities and towns in the state of Michigan if you want to live somewhere with lots of jobs, high earnings, short commutes, and many powerful firms as their headquarters. Some of the most available jobs in the state include

  1. Credit Advisor
  2. Operations Analyst
  3. Translator
  4. Computer Operator
  5. Laboratory Technician
  6. Therapist
  7. Mechanic
  8. Home health aid

The best cities to live in Michigan

Ann Arbor

You ought to think about relocating to Ann Arbor if you are single. Located in Ann Arbor is the University of Michigan. It features a thriving economy, a fun atmosphere, a hip downtown, and reasonably priced homes. Tree Town is ideal for everyone, offering excellent livability, education, arts and culture, sports and outdoor recreation, gastronomy, parks, thick forests, and a strong economy. Although the cost of living is greater than the state average, this is where you get what you pay for.

Ann Arbor

Grand Rapids

The second-largest city in Michigan is Grand Rapids. The city, which is well-known for its arts, culture, and craft brewers, has a thriving economy, a variety of neighborhoods, and a low cost of living. Grand Rapids provides various outdoor activities, world-class sustainability programs, and award-winning public transportation.

Grand Rapids


Living in Troy has an urban vibe; it might be faster-paced than the nearby suburbs but not as expeditious as more densely populated cities. Troy is one of the most diverse cities in Michigan in terms of its population variety.

Troy City


If you are married, consider moving to Okemos. It has some top schools, affordable housing, a wide range of amenities, and safety. Okemos provides many different cultural opportunities as a result of its significant diversity. Additionally, it features many eateries, markets, and shops representing various cultures.

Okemos City

Famous things about Michigan

Freshwater Fishing

The nation’s longest freshwater coastline can be found in Michigan, with various fish in all seasons. The Great Lakes’ main attraction is the tenacious and almighty Walleye fish, and pursuing these toothy fellows is fun. It isn’t easy to picture Michigan’s thriving fisheries without Salmon, given the abundance of open freshwater at its borders. There will likely be fishing hotspots nearby, no matter where you travel in The Great Lakes State.


Millions of acres of forest cover exist in The Great Lakes State. However, the amount of forest area in southern Michigan is increasing, with the Upper Peninsula having the most and the Southern Lower Peninsula having the least. Numerous outdoor activities, like fishing, hiking, camping, ORV riding, shooting, and more, are available in the forests.


The Great Lakes State has been a little short in wolverines for a while, despite being known as the Wolverine State. In fact, in 2004, there was the first wolverine sighting in 200 years. The animal’s abundance in Michigan for a while would be the most straightforward explanation for the appellation “wolverine.” There has never been a confirmed wolverine trapping inside the state’s borders, and no wolverine remains have ever been discovered in the state; therefore, all the evidence suggests the contrary.

The Great Lakes

Despite not having a coastline, Michigan does have beaches. Excellent sand beaches are available at several of the state’s smaller lakes: Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior. Approximately 65,000 ponds and inland lakes can be found in The Great Lakes State.

Sand Dunes

The magnificent dunes of Michigan are located on the Lake Michigan shoreline between Muskegon and Ludington. These huge dunes can be seen in places like the National Lakeshore, where the highest dunes reach 460 feet.

Auto Industry

Detroit, which once housed Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, is known as The Motor City and is regarded as the cradle of the American automobile industry. Ransom E. Olds patented the first gasoline-powered automobile in 1886. The state’s automobile sector created the mass manufacturing template other sectors later emulated.

For the fair folks, Michigan is a fantastic area to live. Despite the lengthy, severe winters, if you live here for a while, you might begin to see the bright side. There is not much natural beauty elsewhere like what Michigan has to offer. The Great Lakes State has a lot of high-paying jobs and top-notch educational opportunities.

It’s usually better to avoid moving in the dead of winter if you’re thinking about moving to The Great Lakes State. Essentially, this article must have convinced you why you should move to Michigan.

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