Each year, Minnesota welcomes thousands of new residents. The North State is a resource powerhouse with one of the country’s most extraordinary living levels. Consider relocating to the North State if you want to live in a varied and productive state. Here are good reasons to move to Minnesota.

It is a fusion of human capital, cultural diversity, and natural resources, more than Paul Bunyan and Coen Brothers films can be found in Minnesota. This guide covers all the essential things to know before moving to Minnesota to help you make the best choice if you’re thinking about moving there and aren’t sure if the state is suitable for you.

Duluth Minnesota

1. Natural wonders – Land of 10,000 Lakes

The North State, known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” lives up to its nickname with stunning bodies of water. There are 11,842 lakes in the state, so choosing the greatest one is tricky. Hundreds of miles of canoe trails are spread across 19,000 acres in the Boundary Waters. The area’s immense wildness is ideal for trekking and camping. You can visit the park if you don’t like the water. Minnesota has a large number of gardens with a variety of features and sizes.

Split Rock Lighthouse Minnesota

2. 4 seasons of the year

Minnesota’s winters are dreadfully cold. Winter’s welcome thaw is brought on by spring. You are eventually transforming the state into a verdant summer playground. Since Minnesota is further north, you’ll receive tremendous relief from the extreme heat you could face in other states throughout the summer.

3. Cost of living is lower than the U.S. Average

The cost of living is lower in Minnesota, but housing costs are more expensive than the average in the country. If you’re coming to the North State, it’s a perfect spot to expand your industrial horizons because there are many opportunities and a competitive minimum salary.

4. Lots of Job Opportunities

Minnesota’s economy, which ranks 16th in wealth, heavily depends on raw materials and technology. Minnesota has a 4.5% unemployment rate, which is much lower than the national average of 6% and reflects the state’s strong economy and the excellent job market. This encourages a robust labor market where it is simple to get a job paying a respectable salary.

Minneapolis in night

5. High-quality Education

Due to its highly educated population, Minnesota is one of the states that people prefer to reside in if they want to acquire a top-notch education. The North State is a fantastic place to relocate if you want to further your education. More than 30 institutions make up the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.

6. The Mall of America is America’s most visited mall

Near the Twin Cities, the Mall of America is more than just a retail center. There are approximately 520 stores with tax-free merchandise and 50 eateries serving delectable meals. The mall receives almost 40 million visitors each year.

There are several entertainment options available at the Mall of America as well. The most well-known one is Nickelodeon Universe, a heated amusement park with slides and roller coasters. All of your favorite Nickelodeon characters are present there. A movie theater, two mini-golf courses, and an aquarium are all available in the mall.

Mall Of America Minneapolis

7. Outdoor Activities

During the summer, you can bring your picnic basket and spend a relaxing afternoon with your family or loved ones at the park. The top activities in Minnesota are listed below if you’re thinking about relocating there:

  • Stay at Great Wolf Lodge
  • Visit Minnehaha Regional Park
  • Visit the Minnesota State Capitol
  • Discover Voyageur’s National Park
  • Visit Rochester and the Mayo Clinic
  • Travel the North Shore Scenic Drive
  • Visit Duluth’s Great Lakes Attractions
  • Stroll through Munsinger Clemens Gardens

8. Arts of Minnesota

One of the most thriving art communities in the US is found in Minnesota, which has a wealth of museums, galleries, theaters, and performance venues. Different interests are catered for by performances, concerts, and plays in various genres. The following museums and galleries are recommended for visit:

  • Walker Art center
  • Nemeth Art Center
  • Rochester Art Center
  • Brandenburg Gallery
  • Weisman Art Museum
  • Augsburg Art Galleries
  • American Swedish Institute
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  • American Museum of Asmat Art
  • Bell Museum of Natural History

Weisman Art Museum

9. Food and Beer

Within Minnesota, there are over 100 craft breweries. Minnesota’s official grain is wild rice. Chefs use it to make soup, pancakes, and hamburgers. Many restaurants serve wild rice soup, which combines rice, ham, and hearty broth. Allspice and juniper are included in the Swedish meatballs’ seasoning. They make a filling supper when served in restaurants with mashed potatoes and a cream sauce. A “hot dish” casserole has tater tots, mushroom sauce, and ground beef. Though not the healthiest meal, it makes for excellent comfort food.

10. Lots of Festivals

Moving to Minnesota is the best option if you want to experience fairs and festivals all year long in one of the most pleasant states in the nation. In Minnesota, a fair or festival fits almost any occasion, so you won’t ever run out of things to do and see. You may find it in this beautiful state, whether you’re looking for a music festival, a county fair, or a car show. There are both traditional events and countless art crawls. Additionally, there is the renowned Minnesota State Fair, sometimes known as “The Mighty Midway.”

11. The Minnesota State Fair

Since its founding in 1859, the Minnesota State Fair has grown more popular. Even if the rides, displays, and people-watching are attractions, the event is what draws 100,000 tourists each year!

Every year, Minnesota surpasses itself by hosting the second-largest state fair in the country based on the number of visitors. The Great Minnesota Get-Together is another affectionate name for the fair.

Minnesota State Fair

Who would want to relocate to Minnesota? There is a large number of benefits that justifies reasons to live in Minnesota. Aside from the fact that it is undoubtedly the best state in the north and even the country, as already expressed in this article.

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