Ohio is a fantastic area to raise a family because it is a reasonably tax-friendly state and has access to reputed healthcare facilities. The average age of Ohioans falls within the millennial range, which makes it attractive to many millennials. Moving to Buckeye State will be an excellent decision if you want to live in a vibrant place with a large millennial population.

If you’re debating whether or not to relocate to Ohio, we have gathered some essential things to know before moving to Ohio. All the crucial information you require to make an informed choice.

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1. Low Cost of Living

Moving to Ohio is the best option if you want to live in a state with a large population of friendly people and where the cost of living is low. The Buckeye State has a significantly cheaper cost of living than the rest of the country. Ohio is ranked ninth in the yearly list of the least expensive states in America. Everything in this state is less expensive than the national average, including housing, rent, groceries, healthcare, and transportation. Ohio has a high standard of living that many individuals may appreciate.

2. Affordable Housing

Ohioans can still afford a home despite the dramatic rise in real estate rates around the US. Ohio’s typical rent is $275 less than the $1,500 national average. Ohio has cheap home prices and is among the top 20 states with the lowest overall cost of living. It is also one of the top three states for housing affordability. In larger cities like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, most citizens rent, while about 68% of Ohioans own their houses.

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3. A Booming Job Market

The job market in Ohio, which has been expanding steadily over the past few years, is directly impacted by the state’s rising economy. The sectors that are booming includes:

  • IT
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourist industries
  • Aerospace And Defense
  • Bioscience And Healthcare

4. One of the Safest States from Natural Disasters

Ohio is the fifth safest state from natural disasters in America, according to WorldAtlas. Despite being close to Tornado Alley, the state does not frequently experience destructive tornadoes. Nevertheless, it makes sense to be ready for dangers and risks. At the same time, Ohio provides the advanced infrastructure companies require to function effectively.

5. Beautiful Nature

Ohio has a breathtaking natural environment. Here in the Buckeye State, there’s always something lovely and unexpected to discover, from the Lake Erie Bluffs to the forests of the Hocking Hills. Ohio is home to large cities, beautiful people, and stunning natural scenery. Here are some of the unique natural attractions in the state.

  • Rockbridge
  • Glacial Grooves
  • Brandywine Falls
  • Whispering Cave
  • The Rock House
  • Lake Erie Bluffs
  • Oak Openings Metro Park
  • White Star Quarry
  • Great Serpent Mound
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ledges

Rock Bridge Ohio

6. Ohioans are Friendly People

Ohio residents are renowned for being friendly and hospitable. The idea of “take a cent, leave a cent” is one many Ohioans adhere to because they feel it is morally correct. On the streets, strangers will wish you well, compliment you for little things, and anticipate the same behavior from you.

The Buckeye State is a beautiful example of Midwest manners and a sincere desire to be kind to others. Locals are kind and willing to introduce visitors to their favorite restaurants or bar. With so many family-friendly activities, it’s also a superb spot for families.

7. Outdoor Activity

Living in Ohio is excellent since there are many outdoor activities to participate in year-round. Hiking, rafting, and picnicking are thrilling outdoor pursuits you might engage in if you relocate to the State. The Hocking Hills is a mysterious location in southeast Ohio. You can go camping and hiking in this lovely fairyland. There are many unusual outdoor activities in Ohio, whether you’re searching for a tranquil setting or an exciting adventure. There are various ways to enjoy the great outdoors, from parks and playgrounds to hiking trails and beaches.

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8. Food and Beer

With over 300 breweries, the Buckeye State offers an unrivaled beer scene. The state is the fourth-best beer-producing in the U.S., which significantly boosts the economy. The cuisine scene in Ohio is one factor that makes it so popular. While visiting Ohio, you must eat some of the state’s various specialties because Ohioan food is so varied. Domestic beers started to compete with imports in terms of variety and quality as microbreweries expanded.

9. Architecture

Although it wouldn’t be fair to compare Ohio architecture to the cathedrals of Paris or the castles of Ireland, The Buckeye State is still proud of its distinctive architecture. The best architectural wonders in the US can be found in the Buckeye State. If the number of buildings in a city indicates its life, Cleveland has enough.

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10. Many Amusement Parks

Two of the best, largest, and most renowned amusement parks in the nation are in Ohio. Many smaller parks offer a variety of activities for the whole family, including rides, performances, attractions, and playgrounds. Many have water parks with numerous opportunities to be wet and entertained simultaneously, in addition to on-land rides and attractions. Ohio is fortunate to be home to a ton of fantastic amusement parks, including the world’s roller coaster capital, and a few undiscovered treasures; some of these are:

  • Salt Fork State Park
  • John Bryan State Park
  • Wayne National Forest
  • Maumee Bay State Park
  • Hocking Hills State Park
  • Kelleys Island State Park
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  • Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

Best Places to Live in Ohio

The Buckeye State is a beautiful central location if you’re searching for a great spot to start a career, raise a family, or retire. Here are some of the best places to live in Ohio

  1. Akron
  2. Oberlin
  3. Columbus
  4. Cleveland
  5. Dublin
  6. Mason
  7. Powell
  8. Cincinnati
  9. Madeira

Cincinnati city

If this article has taught us anything, it is that Ohio is everything but a “flyover state.” It has beautiful cities, a rich history, breathtaking scenery, and a degree of affordability that is difficult to obtain in other states. Hope you have found enough reasons to move to Ohio if you read this.

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