South Dakota is one of the friendliest states to Millennials in the US. Mount Rushmore State is one of the finest places for millennials because of its robust job market, low cost of living, affordable hog market, and low property crime rates. This article has identified ten reasons to move to South Dakota to decide whether the state is the best fit for you if you’re considering moving there.

For a thorough overview of things to know before moving to South Dakota, continue reading.

mountain rushmore

1. Low cost of living

South Dakota has a relatively low cost of living on average. Apartment rents are affordable, while the state’s typical property value is roughly 18% lower than the national average. One of the happiest states in the union is routinely South Dakota. It is a beautiful location to call home.

2. Many job opportunities

In addition to having one of the country’s most robust economies and job markets, it also boasts one of the best quality of life rankings. The unemployment rate in the state is extremely low. Much below the national average. And one of the nation’s lowest state rates. Simple but crucial work makes up most of Rushmore State’s employment, including retail, quick food, janitorial, housekeeping, and real estate. Additionally, there are employment options at hotels, casinos, and other service-related enterprises.

Here are some of the wide variety of exciting high-demand and high-wage occupations in South Dakota:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Registered Nurses and Healthcare
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Sales Representatives
  • Mechanics
  • Specialty Trades
  • Technology

3. Taxes

The Rushmore State has no personal income tax, corporate income, or personal property tax. Due to its low taxes for individuals and corporations, South Dakota is a popular destination for entrepreneurs and small company owners.

4. There are plenty of things to do

Anyone who likes the outdoors should visit South Dakota. The state is so blessed with incredible natural beauty. The Black Hills and the Missouri River are South Dakota’s most well-known landmarks. The state also has a ton of lakes, trails, and parks. In addition, hunting and fishing are among the best activities in the country.

Irrespective of residency status, South Dakota offers lots of fascinating things to do. One example: Mount Rushmore is the ideal location for a family seeking entertainment, an archaeologist seeking details about the past, and someone who enjoys the strange and unusual.

south dakota land

5. Robust economy

The economy of the state is made up of a variety of industries. Due to the availability of natural resources, mining and agriculture play a significant role in the state’s economy.

Entrepreneurs adore South Dakota’s business-friendly environment because of the abundance of opportunity. South Dakota is known as the “land of the free” due to its high quality of life and pro-business laws.

6. Safe Driving

Good drivers are something to be thankful for, whether you’re bringing up a family or just like feeling secure while traveling. Several times, South Dakota has been rated as one of the safest states for drivers. A recent ranking of the top 10 safest states for driving cited the state’s short commutes, affordable insurance, and easy access to auto repair shops.

Since it’s uncommon to get stuck in traffic congestion, people assess how long it takes to get someplace by the distance between locations rather than how much time it takes. However, summertime road construction may cause a slight annoyance.

south dakota road

7. Top-quality Healthcare

Knowing that you are well taken care of is comforting. Because of this, South Dakota’s ranking in terms of healthcare is favorable for a lengthy stay. Due to its highly accessible healthcare system and positive health results, South Dakota is named the third-best state for healthcare.

8. 4 seasons in a year

Moving to South Dakota is the best option if you want to experience all four seasons and have more sunny days than the average American. There are two zones in South Dakota: East River and West River. These regions are divided by the Missouri River, each with a unique climate. The two zones have chilly winters, strong winds, and scorching summers. The weather can be unpredictable and changes significantly.

The eastern region of South Dakota State has a humid climate with moderate humidity and evenly rainfall throughout the year. The western region experiences semi-arid steppe weather, which results in brighter days and less rain.

9. Beautiful Nature

Incredibly diverse natural treasures can be found in South Dakota. You might not be aware of every one of these incredible locations, even if you have lived in South Dakota your entire life. South Dakota never ceases to astound me with its beauty and the activities it has to offer. The following top natural wonders in South Dakota should be on your bucket list when visiting.

  • Bear Butte
  • Falls Park
  • Belle Fourche
  • Palisades State Park
  • The Burning Bluffs
  • Jewel Cave National Monument
  • Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway
  • Last Natural Stretch of the Missouri River

10. Tourist Destinations

South Dakota, in the middle of the nation, has both urban attractions and untamed natural beauty.

  • Mount Rushmore National Monument: The most well-known tourist destination in South Dakota is this historical site. The heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt are impressively carved into the mountainside.
  • Badlands National Park: Intricately shaped hills and pinnacles created by the erosion of clay and sand make up the spectacular scenery of Badlands National Park. The encounter is made more interesting by the enormous herd of bison that freely roams the park.
  • Crazy Horse Memorial: Since the project’s inception in 1947, it has been a work in progress. This mountain bears the likeness of the legendary Lakota chief Crazy Horse’s head and upper body.
  • Wind Cave National Park: One of the largest karstic cave systems in the world is located there.
  • Mammoth Site: There are numerous Columbian mammoth bones in this. At this location, almost 100 mammoths have been found.

Crazy Horse Memorial

Best places to move to in South Dakota

Numerous cities and neighborhoods in the state can offer excellent schools, low crime rates, and affordable housing options. Some of the best places you can live are listed below.

  1. Hot Springs
  2. Rapid City
  3. Mobridge
  4. Pierre
  5. Brandon
  6. Brookings
  7. Dakota Dunes
  8. Sioux Falls

Falls Park, Sioux Falls

The state’s abundance of animals, sparse population, and world-famous mashed potato wrestling competition make South Dakota a great place to live. While knowing all of this is beneficial, there is undoubtedly much more to the State. You’ve come to the perfect place if you intend to relocate and want to find out reasons to move to South Dakota. This is the sign you need.

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