If you fancy waking up to breathtaking and aesthetically pleasing terrains, then you should be looking to get settled in Vermont.

The city is an ideal destination to settle down, and here are ten reasons to move and live in Vermont.

reasons to move to vermont


No matter the season, living in Vermont will keep boredom at bay and help you live a healthy and active lifestyle. With its numerous sites, you can’t run out of fun, adventurous activities to enjoy.

During the winter, staying indoors in front of the fireplace, wrapped in thick clothes while drinking hot cocoa, is a norm but not in Vermont. The city inspires you to go outdoors for skiing or snowboarding on one of the town’s snowy peaks.

The town also boasts of many mountains and stretches of trails that are perfect for hiking exercises and offer breathtaking sceneries. Strolling down Vermont’s Lake Champlain and watching the sun cascade gently over the waters on summer evenings is a sure way to make beautiful memories that will linger for a lifetime. Imagine living here!


Known as one of the safest states to live in the United States, Vermont is a perfect place to raise a family.

According to World Atlas, it is improbable for the state to suffer a natural disaster, and it has significantly low rates of physical assaults and unemployment.

The state of Vermont recorded 115 violent crimes per 100,000 people, with the violent crime rate dropping by more than 19% in 2013, with the figures on a steady decline over the years. It’s definitely not the crazy wild west in Vermont, so you can relax and let the kids run down a block or two.


Tired of dealing with the endless hassles of big cities? You will appreciate the tranquil vicinity in Vermont. With a landmass spanning over 9,614 square miles and a population of about 623,251 people, it is the second least populated state in the United States. Although the green mountain state, as it is also known, is not so populous, its small population serves an advantage of bonding with the town folk and offering a homely, cozy feel of togetherness among neighbors. You can’t help but fall in love with the serenity that comes with living in this slice of paradise.

best reasons to move to vermont


Vermont has a mandatory attendance law that makes it compulsory for parents or guardians to enroll kids from the ages 6-16  in a public school, private school, or Homeschool.

Yup, that’s right! Ditching school is against the law.

With more than enough standard institutions of learning spread across the state, you don’t need to fret about your child’s education. Also, because schools are not filled to the brim due to the low population density,  your child is bound to be engaged in the optimal learning experience.


Vermont offers a wide range of economic opportunities for interested individuals, and lest we forget, the state has a low unemployment rate!

You can find an array of job offers in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and mining.  Due to the captivating beauty of Vermont, the flow of tourists into the state continues to boost its tourism industry.

Agriculture is also a big deal here because the state is one of the biggest maple syrup producers in the US. They are also famous for producing world-class dairy products.

Although living in Vermont might be a little more expensive for a young professional, there is enough room to start and grow here. If you stick to essentials after the first few months of receiving your paychecks, you should be able to do fine going forward. Take advantage of the economic opportunities available in this city, and create your dream life here.


Although not constantly hustling and bustling like much bigger towns, Vermont is not far from metropolitan cities around the Northeast of the United States. From Vermont’s own Burlington to Montreal, Boston, and New York, it is surrounded by big cities. However, that does not take away from the naturally appealing environment and serenity this town has to offer. Talk about eating your cake and having it!


The 7th reason to move to Vermont is fewer people, less pollution, healthier lives!

If you enjoy breathing in the clean, fresh air, which you should, then Vermont is the place for you. It is rated as one of the regions with the cleanest air quality in the United States.

Due to its population and size, the green mountain state gives you the luxury of unadulterated air, a rarity in today’s world. There is little or no noise pollution and an overall boost to your mental and physical health.

Moving to Vermont will surely save you some money for treating avoidable ailments as you’d enjoy the luxury of nature’s goodness at its best.

top reasons to move to vermont


One of the most underrated advantages of living in small towns is the communal relationship among neighbors, and Vermont is packed with such lovely small towns. The neighborhood shares towns where everyone knows everyone and the burden of one individual.

Vermonters are some of the friendliest people you will ever come across. The towns offer such congenial ties that will give you the sense of being amongst family. This is not encouraged in big cities. The lifestyle has been carried on over the years in Vermont and makes the state a good homestead idea.


Vermont has made a name for itself regarding food. It is especially famous for its maple syrup. Picture these delicious hot pancakes straight off the stove drizzled with maple syrup fresh from your backyard. Can homemade breakfast seriously get any better than that!. If you’re into living a healthy lifestyle, this is another reason to live in Vermont. The farmers’ markets ensure that eating healthy is affordable and that fresh, organically grown farm produce is accessible. Vermont is also the hearthstone of many breweries and wineries. You can also find the famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream here. Vermonters sure know how to feast.


The state’s pet centers offer everything your pet will need, from healthy, nutritious pet food and treats, to boarding houses where your pet will receive the best treatment while you’re away.

Vermont encourages animal rights and fosters a wholesome people-animal relationship by encouraging individuals to adopt. There’s more than a little something for everyone In Vermont, and your pets are not left out.

10 reasons to move to vermont


It is a beautiful and exciting world out here in Vermont with so many wonderful things you are bound to discover when you come over and see for yourself. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and exciting to escape the shackles of city life, You should be looking at properties in Vermont. A place where healthy living is enjoyed at its best and where pure, undiluted nature can be savored. Its pristine environment creates a relaxing and irresistible atmosphere, and you can not begin to imagine how beautiful nighttime can get. Camping under the beautiful stars with family and friends and falling asleep to the sweet lullabies of nature, how magical.

Also, the towns in Vermont are bursting with adventurous vibes for thrill-seekers. There are notable mountains, lakes, wineries, breweries, natural parks, and historical landmarks like “the rock of ages” scattered across the state. There is always a fantastic experience to be had.

Vermont is inadvertently a state that aims at fostering an all-inclusive populace. The welcoming nature of its people speaks volumes by accepting visitors and transforming them into a family. Metropolitan states, no matter how big, are homes to a lot of lonely individuals, but Vermont gives a refreshing new meaning altogether to neighborliness.

The state’s low population allows you to extract yourself from the rowdiness of big bustling cities to enjoy a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

A healthy lifestyle, good food, the great outdoors, amazing neighborhoods, etc., are all part of the things Vermont has to offer. And the good news is, no one is stopping you from living the life you deserve in Vermont.

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