Moving from Boston to Detroit? Maybe you found a new job, want to relocate somewhere more affordable, or want to be part of the legacy of a historic city known for its immense strength and kindness — the big ‘Why’ behind the move could be many. Detroit is swimming with low-priced homes, promising job opportunities, incredible scenery, the Michigan Lake, great food, beer, music, and a happening nightlife. Whatever it is that’s pulling you 800 miles out of Boston, right into the heart of America’s automotive industry, you have got a big, strenuous move ahead.

Professional movers can easily handle the brunt of the relocation. Stark Moving and Storage company has been part of hundreds of relocation stories. We’ve consistently facilitated Boston families and businesses like yours to pack up their bags and start afresh in Detroit.


Moving from Boston to Detroit: How to Get a Long-distance Relocation Done Stress-Free

The most important reason why interstate relocation is so challenging is due to a lack of knowledge about the new location. This frequently puts them in difficult situations beyond their control, which quickly adds to the cost, causes delays and unneeded frustration.

Detroit has plenty of narrow roads. You’ve to wrap your items appropriately, so it stays secure and protected on uneven, bumpy streets. After all, no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for the move only to have expensive furniture and appliances get damaged during the commute.

Hiring a professional interstate relocation company, like Stark Moving and Storage, will get your move streamlined and executed at a fixed rate and a predefined time window. The cost will include:

  • Fuel: This usually includes toll charges too
  • Transportation: Covers the cost of the vehicle, along with the equipment used to load and unload items
  • Insurance: Reputable moving companies offer customers insurance on their valuables. This way, if something goes wrong while on the road, the company has you covered
  • Status updates: Professional movers have executed Boston to Detroit moving projects multiple times before. They know their way around the city and the state of Michigan. They know the shortest, most secure, and efficient route. If any delays occur, you can quickly hit them up for a quick update


Whether you need full-service Boston to Detroit moving help, or if you just need assistance with loading, unloading, or packing, give us a call, and let’s talk! We will create a custom, no-obligation quote based on your needs.

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