Dallas happens to be one of the top 25 cities to live in America and it’s one of the easiest to move around by way of public or private transport. The economy in the area is improving with the expansion of companies and also the creation of new businesses.

Real estate in the area is also very affordable, so it’s not difficult to see why lots of people are relocating from Chicago to Dallas.

Ways to Move From Chicago To Dallas

There are three major ways people choose to move these days.


The person usually would do the movement by themselves without the help of professionals. They park themselves, hire a moving truck and then drive it up to their new residence. This is by far the cheapest option available. It is also by far the most stressful.

A mixture of DIY/Professional Help

There are so many ways this can go; it all depends on what those moving wants or can afford. Certain folks do the parking themselves but let the professionals drive the truck to the new location and then they’d unpack themselves.

Professional Help

A professional team of movers from Chicago to Dallas  does all the work. The team here does everything, from packaging to loading, driving, and offloading.

A lot of companies offer this service, but not many are as reliable as Stark Movers. Stark is fielded by a team of full-time, very experienced professional movers.

Why Stark Movers

Stark Movers has helped many satisfied customers move all over the country. In the process, the company has amassed closer to 5k positive reviews.

From commercial to residential and even the movement of fragile or very precious cargo. Pianos, furniture, expensive artworks, and jewelry, Stark is your go-to movers.

  • Relocation Managers

They plan the movement with you ensuring everything works seamlessly with you experiencing as little stress as possible.

  • Personal Account Page

Here you can change the details of your relocation from Chicago to Dallas. You could change the date, add or remove from what you’re willing to pack, etc.

Stark Movers Team