Moving from Boston to Alabama? If so, you’ve got over 18 hours of a grueling drive ahead of you. When relocating state to state, distance is more than just a number. Along with the drive, there is all the planning and labor leading up to it. You are responsible for packing, carrying, and loading heavy furniture into the truck, then actually make the drive.

Stark Moving and Storage is the one-stop-shop long-distance movers like yourself. Our services range from wrapping loading/unloading, transportation, and storage. Stark Movers are experts in local, long-distance, and office moving.

We give each project the individual attention it deserves. Moving to a new place is no easy task, but we make it as easy and effortless as possible for you.

Moving from Boston to Alabama

Moving from Boston to Alabama

The sweet home Alabama is the land of gorgeous shorelines, low cost of living, delicious food, and some of the kindest people you’ll be proud to call your neighbors. Alabama is the soul of the Deep South. It has been the stage for momentous historical events. This is where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached and was the Civil Rights Movement’s key site. Alabama also played a massive role in developing music genres like jazz, blues, and country.

As Alabama residents, you’ll get to enjoy warm weather all year around. There are plenty of places to enjoy it, too — prestigious golf clubs, white sandy beaches, four national forests, and many artesian wells. There’s plenty of career opportunities available here in agriculture, aerospace, health, finance, mining, automotive (Mercedes, Hyundai, and Honda, all operate here), and the manufacturing industry. The median home price here is $149,403, which is much lower than in Massachusetts.

We have successfully undertaken moving projects from Boston to Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mountain Brook, Southside, and many other cities in Alabama.

We take extra precautions to protect all valuables using our protection supplies. The flat-rate you’ll receive from us includes all expenses like labor and equipment, packing materials, gas, tolls, and taxes. Our movers will also put together the dismantled items once delivered at its new location. Need a Boston to Alabama quote? Contact us to receive a no-obligation quote today.

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