Relocating is stressful in any capacity, but long-distance moving adds more hurdles to an already exhausting process. There’s a never-ending list of obligations that are fighting for your immediate attention. You need to find a new residence, look up schools for kids, change your address, get boxes for the move, beg friends or relatives to give you a hand with that huge couch that you’ve no idea if it will even make out the door. 

If you’re anxious about moving from Boston to Columbia, SC, hire Stark Movers and Storage Company to take on the most challenging parts of the move off your hands. Our team is fully equipped to handle everything from packing to the transportation of all household belongings. 

With years of experience, Stark Movers make interstate moving as easy as moving across the block. Our team will pack everything, load it into the trucks, and transfer it to your new home in Columbia. All you have to do is hire us and enjoy the exciting journey ahead of you.

Moving from Boston to Columbia

Moving from Boston to Columbia

The capital city of South Carolina, Columbia, is a fast-growing metropolitan that’s affordable with a small-town vibe. The national average of the Soda City (as it’s sometimes called) is 4 percent lower than the national average, making it perfect for those looking to save. The cost of housing is also 11 percent lower than the national average. The median home cost sits just around $164,200. 

Other than being economical, this city contains employment opportunities with leading enterprises like AT&T, BlueCross BlueShield, Prisma Health, and the University of South Carolina. Those seeking opportunities in the tech, education, and healthcare sector won’t be disappointed. 

If you love the sun, you’re in luck! Columbia gets about 217 days of sunshine every year, which is two weeks longer than other states. It also receives about 0.8 inches of snow in January. 

If you’re moving from Boston to Lexington, Downtown, Cayce, Five Points, Irmo, Elgin, South Congaree, or any other suburbs of Columbia, we can help you get your belongings there quickly and safely. 

Let’s get you moving from Boston to Columbia, SC. Contact us to receive a free no-obligation quote. Our team is eagerly awaiting to get started on your moving project.