As anyone in Detroit will tell you, this is a one-of-a-kind city that is not for everyone. Consequently, you are not making a bad decision about relocating to Motor City and finding out what is involved.

Detroit is located around 280 miles east of Chicago, directly below the thumb of Michigan. According to the United States Census Bureau, Detroit is still Michigan’s largest city in terms of size and population. Detroit is a proud, primarily Black metropolis with the highest number of Black residents of any city in the United States.

People in Detroit like their life since there are many lovely neighborhoods to visit, and the city has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation! Moving to Detroit is a smart idea that is also a fantastic investment.


Why you should choose Stark Moving Company

Because the distance between the two major northern cities is not too great, you may want to consider moving from Chicago to Detroit yourself. However, it may not be smart, especially if you are traveling during the winter, because the severe weather and excessive traffic in the area will make it difficult. You’ll be better off hiring a professional mover. This is essentially why you should consider choosing Stark Moving Company. We have the specialized equipment, extensive expertise, and professional know-how to complete your transition safely and efficiently, regardless of the difficulties.

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