Moving from Chicago to Seattle requires traveling across the nation to get there. For the Chicagoans, life in Seattle will be a very different experience. Most Chicagoans will be drawn to the hilly lifestyle, living in a bustling economic and cultural area and having access to the great outdoors. The Emerald City has a lot to offer, but if you’re considering moving there to look for work, keep in mind that every city has advantages and disadvantages, which distinguish each one.

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Comparison between Chicago and Seattle

  1. For a beach vacation, Chicago and Seattle are fantastic options.
  2. Both Chicago and Seattle are good destinations to visit as a couple. Due to the laid-back vibe and nice downtown area, Seattle may also be a good option for families.
  3. Chicago welcomes students from all over the world. But Seattle is a fantastic and better location for students. It is a significant IT hub with a large university.
  4. There is no state income tax at all in the state of Washington.

Why you should choose Stark Moving Company

The professionals at Stark have years of combined moving experience and are prepared to handle every step of your relocation. While moving from Chicago to Seattle can be stressful, with the correct assistance, the process can go more smoothly. For you to start enjoying your new home in Chicago, Stark is here to relieve the stress associated with your move. We sincerely hope that your entire process of moving from Chicago to Seattle is straightforward and stress-free.

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