Tampa is a city set in Florida, also known as the Sunshine City. As you guessed, the state enjoys lots of sunshine which encourages outdoor activities and fun. Moving from Chicago to Tampa may need a lot of mental and physical work, especially if you are not sure what to expect in this new city.

Some of the advantages Tampa has going for it are:

Fun-filled outdoor activities: There are lots of recreational activities to tempt your adventurous spirit. The city has its fair share of relics, theme parks, galleries, etc., that you can enjoy. If you are a resident, you are entitled to benefits like great discounts each time you use their theme parks.

Amazing Tax benefits: One of the many challenges people face when they move to a new state is the numerous tax and levies they might pay as per resident charges. However, in Tampa, charges such as inheritance tax, income tax, and estate tax will not be demanded from you. You also get to enjoy a full pension income when you retire, as well as several social security benefits that come with retirement without paying any tax levies off them.

As great as Tampa is, there are some cons you should note:

No hills or mountains. If hiking up a mountain or gazing at hilltops was your favorite pastime, you will greatly miss them here as Tampa is known to be one of the flattest states in the world.

Extreme Weather. Be prepared to experience extreme heat, hot humid days, and constant heavy rains throughout the year.


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