Good quality packaging and moving supplies are at the crux of every relocation journey. Whether one room, whole office, or a mansion worth of belongings, we have a wide selection of affordable and durable supplies to accommodate all needs.

Cartons, packing paper, tapes, bubble wraps, protection blankets are just a few types of packing and moving supplies we carry. We also offer special crates to pack TV, lamps, and other objects that won’t fit in a typical box.

5 Essential Packing Tips to Get You Started

  1. Use the right boxes: Let this rule of thumb guide you — the larger the box, the less it should weigh with the items. This will make the handling and carrying process easy.

Use small boxes for books, shoes, canned food, records, and other items that may be small but add up in weight when packed together.

Medium boxes should be approached as an“all-purple box” used for anything, like lamps, pots, and pans.

Large cartons should be for delicate items like pillows and blankets.

Use special mirror boxes to pack mirrors, large picture frames, or glass tabletops, so they don’t crack. Custom crates should be used for moving anything exceptionally large, delicate, or antique.

  1. Use dish packs to keep your dishes safe: Dishes are easy to break. They demand a little more TLC than other items. Dish packs are specialized boxes used to shield breakable items, like fine china. While most moving cartons are made with one layer of corrugated cardboard, dish packs are double layered for extra durability.
  2. Use wardrobe boxes for clothes: Some clothing items are very special and delicate. This includes wedding dresses, graduation gowns, and suits. Wardrobe packing boxes have a special metal hanging bar onto which you can hand your clothes upright, making sure everything stays wrinkle-free.
  1. Use good quality tape: Refrain from using dollar store tape. Use one that has a strong adhesive. Scotch tape isn’t good enough to stick to cardboard boxes, so use moving tape with acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive.
  1. Use adequate protection: Buy wrapping papers, shrink wrap, moving blankets, and pads to protect your belongings from getting damaged while being transported.

Boxes & Supplies

Why Choose Stark Moving and Storage Company

  • Packing supplies that last: When you hire our packing services, you don’t need to search around for moving supplies. Cartons, packing tapes to bubble wraps, and dish packs, our team will come equipped with the industry’s best-moving supplies and equipment to keep your belongings adequately protected.
  • Hedge against damage: Our reputable wrapping services ensures that all your valuables are properly secured and boxed up. Our experienced wrappers know all the fragile packing techniques to safeguard things made with delicate materials. Along with that, we also have moving insurance to guarantee the safe delivery of your belongings.
  • Save yourself time and headache: There are so many rooms to go through and not enough time. Let us handle the hard work while you spend more time with your family and attend other moving-related tasks. It will only take us a couple of days or maybe even just a few hours.

From moving boxes and supplies to loading and transportation services, we can help make your move far less stressful. Contact us to learn more.