A couch is the heart of most homes — it’s the hub that holds memorable conversations with friends and family, where you curl up with a good book on the weekends and spend hours binge-watching your favorite Netflix show after work. A house is incomplete without a couch. But stress arrives when it comes to shifting the hefty sectional. Then, you suddenly need a pair of Hulk hands, and even with that, it’s a struggle.

One of the most significant stressors when it comes to moving revolves around the couch. How will you carry the huge sectional up and down the stairs? Will it even in the living room door? What if scratches the walls as you drag it along the room? It’s an overwhelming and laborious task that most aren’t equipped to handle. This is where Stark Team’s professional sofa movers can help.

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Why hire a couch moving service?

Lifting and relocating a couch alone or even with a group of friends is both physically and mentally taxing. It increases the risk of damaging the furniture, too — which sucks in any context, but significantly so if the sofa set holds sentimental value or if it’s a sleek, expensive set.

Besides the actual act of relocating, you’ve to handle other factors too, such as:

  • Removing the cushions and packing them, so they don’t get damaged
  • Covering and securing the fragile parts of the couch
  • Securing the metal parts, so it doesn’t open up during transportation
  • Disassembling or hoisting the couch over the balcony if it doesn’t fit through the front door

Hiring professional couch movers “near me” takes away the complete headache of shifting bulky furniture from one location to the next without exposing it to any sort of damage. Move sofa services have the labor and equipment to conduct a seamless shift.


Why choose Stark Moving Company

Sofa movers

With Stark Moving and Storage, you get the best sofa movers in Boston at your service, helping you shift your sofa set quickly and efficiently to your desired new location — even if it’s within the same home.

  • Fast and reliable:   Our team is equipped to handle long and short-distance couch moving needs. From dismantling, transporting to delivery, Stark movers offer end-to-end couch moving service, so you don’t even have to lift a finger — except to let us know the final destination where you want your couch delivered!
  • Proper furniture relocating equipment: Our team has all the equipment needed to guarantee damage and injury-free couch moving experience for you and our employees.
  • Affordable pricing: Some companies quote exorbitant prices that end up costing the customer more than the couch itself — we aren’t like that. Our prices are one of the lowest in Boston because we want to keep our services accessible to all new customers.
  • Unmatched flexibility:   Whether you need short-distance or long-distance moving service, or commercial and residential moving service, our team has got your back! If you’re a business, we will ensure not to disturb your day-to-day workflow while we handle the move.
  • Industry expertise: Our experts lift, carry, and transport couches every day We know the best techniques your investment needs to get to its new home without any scratches, dents, or tears.
  • Excellent customer service: Our team is just a call away, both before or after you hire us. If you have a question, need clarity, a status update, or just a quote, you can contact us anytime, and we will be here to answer any questions without delays.


Stark Moving and Storage: Most Affordable Couch Movers in Boston

If you’re in search of a reliable and affordable couch and furniture storage moving service in Boston, MA, Stark Moving is the right solution for you. We will do all the heavy-lifting and moving. You just need to tell us where you want the couch.

Contact us right now to get a free estimate for your couch moving needs, and relax and enjoy a hassle-free move.