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Moving from Boston to Delaware

Delaware has a lot of nicknames. It’s known as The First State because it was the first state to sanction the US Constitution. It’s also known as the Small Wonder because it’s the second smallest state in the country, with an area of just 2,490 miles. Regardless of its tiny size, it’s still filled with a population of 971,180.

Among the most thriving careers in Delaware are software developers, plumbers, HVAC technicians, home health aides, nurse practitioners, carpenters, and business analysts. While the demand for blue-collar workers is consistently rising in Delaware, some of the highest-paying jobs are in the medical field. The best part about Delaware is that you don’t have to pay any sales tax!

Moving from Boston to Delaware

Housing is quite affordable, and there’s new construction taking place all over the state. Since Delaware is so close to Atlantic City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, you’ll find this state to be a melting pot of cultures, but still keeping that small-town vibe intact.

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