Moving from Boston to Virginia is a 600-mile of strenuous journey. Our crew at Stark Moving and Storage is here to pack up and transport your belongings to your new home. This way, you’ll have more free hours to spend with your family and complete other moving-related tasks, like changing addresses, finding schools, setting up utilities, etc. You won’t have to bug your friends to give you a hand with the couch either!

Our crew has a solid track-record of providing excellent Boston to Virginia relocation service. We make every effort to exceeding your expectations and deliver within the estimated time.


Moving from Boston to Virginia

The state of Virginia is often called the birthplace of a nation. Its legacy is rich as being the base for several of our nation’s firsts. For example, the first Thanksgiving feast took place in Virginia.

It contains a robust military presence — there are 27 military bases here with about 80,000 active service members. The headquarters of the CIA and the US department of defense are also found in Virginia.

The cities are a beautiful mix of old and new, combined with thousands of miles of coastline. With easy access to pristine beaches, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy during your free time. This includes biking, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, or the good old camping. Virginia has some of the nation’s best schools, and the residents are known for their polite hospitality.

Moving from Boston to Virginia

When it comes to the economy, Virginia has always been a wealthy state. While it did take a nosedive during the 2008 crash (as did other states), its economy has been soaring back up since 2017. Virginia is home to 21 fortune 500 companies, including dollar tree and capital one. So, there are plenty of well-paying jobs here. The cost of living isn’t cheap, but neither is it expensive. Compared to other East Coast states, Virginia is quite affordable.

Our crew knows the best routes to take your items safely and securely, Virginia. We will take your stuff to its next destination quicker than anybody else.

Our services are available to residents through Massachusetts, and we will take you anywhere nationwide. Contact us today for a custom moving from Boston to Virginia quote.