When you know how to throw a great housewarming party, you will have the advantage of welcoming family and friends into your new home. It’s also a chance to meet your new neighbors. This guide will show you how to have a housewarming party and host friends and family in your new home; ultimately, this can help your house feel more like home. It doesn’t have to be a difficult situation.

How to throw a housewarming party

Moving is stressful enough; make your housewarming celebration anything you want it to be! On the other hand, it can be a bit overwhelming if you try to throw a housewarming party too soon or go excessive on food and decor. Since you do not have such often, planning one may be mind-boggling, and these tips would guide you on the best way to go about it.

Get settled in your new home

You do not need to host a housewarming party the day after arrival. Many prefer arranging and unpacking boxes before inviting friends to a housewarming party. This also does not mean your new home has to be at its best before you throw a housewarming party, but you should have the majority of your boxes unpacked and furniture in place. It would help if you considered finishing a few things, like painting, before inviting guests to your residence’s housewarming party. There is no reason to rush; allowing some time before hosting is okay.

Sending invitations

Note that as soon as the date is selected, it is necessary to send invitations to guests; also, note that you need to consider inviting neighbors. Provide clear instructions if you are sending out print or electronic invitations. If some guests do not have a car, provide public transit information. Inform guests who are driving where they should park their vehicles. Note it in the invitation if you intend to serve food or refreshments. It may be assumed that you will serve food if you throw a housewarming party during dining times.

Invitation to a housewarming party

Also, indicate this in the invitation if you prefer not to receive gifts. People will naturally assume you receive gifts if you do not mention it.

Make the decorations simple

Note that the house does not have to be decorated, but you can decorate the entrance with balloons, etc. It’s only logical to choose a Halloween or Thanksgiving theme when hosting a housewarming party during fall. Secret Santa or other gift exchange events are usually good options if you’re throwing a winter party. Any decoration theme you believe your guests will love that will not cost you an arm and a leg to decorate is generally a wise choice.

Party decoration

A well-thought-out menu

As vital as arranging your food and drink options around who you are and what you are proud of, it is also essential to plan your event around what type of host you want to be. However, you do not have to go overboard to please your guests.

The main dishes are good, but you also need to take care of simple snacks that can be quickly updated, like snacks, fries, and vegetable cuts. Order some pizza or finger snacks that can be kept at room temperature instead of preparing a lavish feast. Fruit, cheese platters, and baked products are also suitable. Regarding beverages, you can try providing a signature cocktail or mocktail. You can also inform your guests that they are welcome to bring any additional alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, or any other choice.

Party snacks

House tour

The major draw is tours of your new house, so arrange your place for showing. If you are conducting a self-guided tour, you should label each room with its name, function, and any relevant details you want to highlight. If any rooms are off-limits, or when it’s under construction or is just a vast storage room, label it “Please Do Not Enter”. You may also want to attach a picture of what the rooms looked like before the renovations; it is always interesting to see the transformation.

Sign do not enter

Knowing how to host a good housewarming party is preliminary to how to show off your new home. As a result, having a messy house might leave an impression. If possible, clean up all of your rooms. You may leave spaces with unpacked boxes out. Nobody expects you to unpack all of your moving boxes just in time.

Consider a few games

Because it’s your new home, you can play any entertaining games you like. Play musical chairs with your guests. If you’re still settling in, the furniture configuration is already a bit haphazard, so make plenty of space and assemble some chairs. Give the loser shots to add an adult touch to the game.

Never Have I Ever is a fun and thrilling method to get to know your neighbors if they are present. Finally, nothing says “home” like a peaceful game of poker. If poker is not your thing, a deck or two cards can be used to play various card games. There are even more activities horseshoes, bocce, and limbo you may play at an outdoor housewarming celebration, to mention a few.

party games

When to throw the party

The optimal time frame is when you are not rushed, your home is not in total disorder, and your friends and family are likely to be available. It would also be helpful to have some seating. Don’t hurry into anything.

A “housewarming” is typically held within six months of moving in. You should call it a house party if it is stretched till a year. Of course, if certain unforeseen occurrences, such as substantial renovations after moving in or other life difficulties, have your gathering called whatever you wish.

How to have a housewarming party

One final word we would love to reiterate is that you do not overthink it. You may feel compelled to impress your neighbors in a new environment and gain your way to being among the most respected or popular. But there is no reason to prove a point or try to compete.

One sure thing is that your neighbors will respect you for who you are. Throwing a housewarming party can show your appreciation for your neighbors. It demonstrates to them that you are devoting time to getting to know them. Relax and remember to enjoy yourself.

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