Crating services prove indispensable when it comes to safely ship high-value and delicate items across the country. It’s more of an art than you think — the valuables need to be carefully positioned to lock-in its 100% safety, whether it’s shipped via sea, land, or air.

Stark Moving and Storage Inc. have provided Boston and its surrounding areas with industry-leading crating and custom packing services for decades. Whether moving to a new location across town or states, our crating services will get your valuables ready to handle the strenuous commute. All our customers enjoy fast turnaround, exceptional customer service, and high-quality craftsmanship.


Benefits of Crating and Shipping Companies

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to crates. What might fit your linen may not keep your glassware or paintings secure. Good crating service companies offer custom wooden boxes that perfectly fit even awkwardly shaped items. They are durable and robust and will last you for years.

Crates are best suited for transportation since they can easily be stacked and stored. This means it’s designed to make the best use of moving truck or storage unit space.

Crates are usually the most affordable way to guarantee that your valuable items do not get damaged during transit. This is true, especially for wooden boxes. Since they are simple and natural, the production cost isn’t high, making the final product durable but cost-efficient for you.

In some cases, if you hire a moving company, they may refuse to take items that aren’t adequately secured since they don’t want to fight a claim that could’ve been avoided if the customer took a few extra steps to handle the item’s packaging. Transit often exposes valuables to harsh conditions, and custom-built wooden boxes are the easiest way to secure your items to survive the hard road.


Why Choose Stark Moving and Storage Inc. For Crating and Shipping Services?

Stark Moving and Storage Inc. offers custom boxes for your antiques, collectibles, fragile items, and more. We have a variety of designs to fit even the most oddly shaped items. Our team considers the mode of transport and the external elements your valuables will be exposed to while making its way to the new location.

Our highly-durable boxes are designed to keep your items secured from varying temperatures, moisture, dirt and dust, shock, and vibration. We take extra care to ensure that potholes or bumps on the road won’t even leave a scratch on your valuables and that it stays secure even during the loading and unloading phase of the move. If you book us for packing, we will use our packing materials to protect your items inside the custom-built container with bubble wrap and other material to provide it with necessary cushioning.


Use Stark Moving and Storage Inc. for Your Crating Boston Needs

If you’re looking for ‘custom crating near me’ or ‘crating services near me,’ then trust us to provide you with the most professional crating services you’ll find anywhere in MA.

Our experts are trained to provide custom boxes at a fraction of the time than our competitors. This is why our old customers love us and are always sending us new business! We work with both companies and homeowners looking to move. With all our services, we guarantee a flat-rate quote, with no hidden fees!

Stark Moving and Storage Inc. will build you custom crates specifically tailored to the size of your valuables. Call us at (857) 526-1511 or email us at to get a crating price list.


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