Construction, house moves, or space constraints in a small apartment — there are many reasons why people would need a private storage unit to put away items. For most people, the designated storing space is their basement, attic, or garage, but it isn’t a viable option in all situations.  Renting out a private area gives you a heavily-secured area to put away goods that you temporarily don’t need. This could be seasonal clothing, gym equipment, appliances bought on clearance, and even old furniture.

Many of our customers also rent out our private facilities while renovations or repairs are going on in their home. Construction teams find it difficult and inconvenient to work around in a furnished room. Plus, there is also a risk that your goods may get damaged accidentally. Placing the unneeded items in a separate storage facility gives workers a clean slate to work on.

Why choose Stark Team For Your Private Storage Needs?

Stark Moving & Storage provides a full-tier storage service in Boston. Our customers can rent a private premise to store any goods safely. The facility contains climate-controlled units, so even your most sensitive items stay protected from extreme weather or humidity.

We are a trusted Boston storage company, offering custom solutions tailored to your needs. You can rely on our space for renovations, moving, downsizing, or while switching between two homes. All sites are fully-guarded, so you can rest assured knowing that your items with stay protected 24×7. 

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Stark Moving And Storage: What we offer

As one of the most reputable storage companies in Boston, we treat your items with as much respect and care as our own. We aim to keep your things in pristine condition. 

The storage services offer come with the following features:

  • No size or weight restrictions on the cargo. As long as it fits, we will take care of it
  • We can come to pick it up
  • 24-hour security and monitoring to safeguard your items
  • Climate controlled units that stay dry all year round 
  • A highly-efficient ventilation system;
  • Warehouse cargo handling
  • Sparkling clean, dust-free floors
  • Insurance coverage available on stored goods 
  • We provide packing services and packing supplies 
  • You can check on your items any day, every day 
  • Flexible custom-pricing plans. 


How much do storage units and services cost?

Stark Moving & Storage provides a full-tier storage service in the Boston area. Below you can find the estimated prices.

  • One Room or less (less than 150 c.f.) – $90 per month
  • Studio (around 215 c.f.) – $130 per month
  • One Bedroom ( around 350 c.f.) – $210 per month
  • Two Bedrooms (around 450 c.f) – $270 per month

The final quote of your storage fee is based on the actual volume of stuff you want to store and calculated by $0.60 per c.f. per month. The minimum charge for our storage service is $90 per month. We charge 1st month fee once your stuff is loaded.  

Don’t fret over where to put away your items. You don’t have to donate, throw, or sell it. We have spaces available to store your items until you need them again. Call us today to use our furniture stores in the Boston area.

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