Relocating piano is harder than you think. It’s tricky — and risky— to do it alone. After all, they’re big, heavy, don’t come cheap, and have plenty of intricate parts that must be handled with care. Otherwise, along with the big move, you’ll also have to foot the expensive refinishing or repair bill. Yikes!

Why is piano moving so difficult?

Relocating piano comes with many challenges, mostly because they’re big, bulky, and expensive. On top of that, one of its most defining characteristics also proves to be its most pressing point when it comes to moving — its odd shape makes it hard to pack and carry. Plus, they are often used to add visual interest in a room. It becomes even more critical that it doesn’t attain any scratches or marks when being transferred. Plus, it’s mechanics also doesn’t suffer. These factors make it challenging to undertake its move personally. It’s risky, and any wrong action can result in expensive repairs — and you’ll end up having severe back pain.

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Benefits of Piano Moving Company, Boston

The goal is to get the piano at its final destination undamaged. Expert movers can help reach that goal. Contracting local piano movers is the fool-proof way to guarantee that your upright or grand piano doesn’t even suffer a scratch while on the move.

Here are three benefits you’ll enjoy by hiring local piano movers:

  • Save big on time, energy, and money: When relocating, there are several tasks needing your time, money, and energy. Trying to transport it on your own requires a considerable commitment to all three facets. Still, damage can happen due to this instrument’s fragility. Thankfully, seasoned movers have a wealth of experience when it comes to transporting tricky instruments safely. They own the right tools needed to make it a quick and affordable process for all parties involved.
  • Protects your piano:   Let’s be honest — all DIY projects come with a potential for things going awry, which is fine if you’re dealing with an inexpensive item. But, it’s an expensive instrument that people work very hard to save up to purchase. And it just takes running into a door or the wall for it to incur nicks and scratches. When you professionals, they follow the most secure and efficient protocol to keep the magnificent investment protected at all times. After all, they’ve done it many times!
  • Protects you:   Everyone’s needs are different. In your case, it may involve carrying the heavy instrument up the flights, which can pose a danger to you, family, and pets. Experts have the skills and tools needed for packaging and transporting pianos even up the stairs!

Why hire Stark Movers for local piano moving services?

The Stark team will deliver the item exactly where you want!

To seal its protection, we cushion each piano with thick pads. That way, if a shift occurs in transit, there is no damage-risk. Our movers will also position the packed instrument securely in place — with minimal moving possibility— till delivery. We know that moves are stressful, especially while transporting an expensive item. We strive to provide an effortless piano moving service experience.

Whether you need experts to relocate upright piano ($150 per item per flight of stairs) or grand piano ($300 per item per flight of stairs) to or from a single-family house, apartment, basement, or a second story, we will take care of it.

We offer a climate-controlled truck to shield any of its wooden parts from cracking, splitting, or warping for long-distance moves.

Need a local piano moving quote? Give us a call

Stark Moving has a wealth of practical experience under its belt with moving oversized, bulky, high-value items. We take pride in our work and have a growing pool of loyal customers to prove our excellent track record. We love helping people move and safely bringing their valued items anywhere.

If searching for short and long-distance professional piano movers in Boston area, or require a no-obligation piano moving quote, please give us a call today.

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