Moving is a personal-achievement for many, but all the packing you’ve to do makes it seem like a nightmare. It’s a cumbersome task — coordinating the items and diligently putting it neatly into different boxes, and then labeling them can take days, if not weeks. 

This process involves a lot of detailed planning and hard work that you don’t need to do. We can systematically pack your things into boxes, so you feel confident on the moving day, and aren’t frustrated when it comes to putting them away in their new spots.  We carefully secure your assets so even the most fragile item stays safe and secure throughout transportation. 

Stark Moving and Storage: Hire The Best Packers In Boston For Your Move

We are Boston’s go-to movers, trusted by hundreds of residents, like you. There’s no need to worry about making repeated trips to the hardware store to buy the supplies to get the process started. We use our own supplies that we’ve learned is the best for certain types of items. 

Save hours of stress with our firm. Our other services include loading, transportation, and unloading services, for both short and long-distance movers. The perfect match of low prices and excellent quality makes us the go-to company for those in Boston.

Packing services in Boston

Why choose us?

  1. Our team contains moving experts who have in-depth knowledge of which techniques are needed to keep belongings protected during transit. Our team is adept at securing all items, including the ones made from fragile materials.
  2. Our services are guided by logistics standards, and you will find all the available options under the “Boxes & Suppliers” section.
  3. If you’re looking for home packers and movers “near me,” we are the best option because we have a comprehensive assortment of services that most movers will find indispensable. There’s loading, transit, unloading, plus packing/unpacking options too.
  4. We aim to make moving as convenient as possible. We work around your schedule and will only come over when you’re available.
  5. Packers & movers “near me” aim to get the job done as quickly as possible, without compromising quality. You don’t have to waste away your precious hours doing the exhaustive task of emptying drawers, cabinets, and closets and then dealing with putting the pile of collected belongings into boxes yourself.
  6. Our services are available at the most competitive prices. This makes us well-suited for the majority of the budgets. Below, you will find the full-service price list.

Boxes and supplies costs

Stark Moving and Storage Inc. does boxes delivery services. Here our prices for boxes and supplies:

  • Roll of tape – $3.5;
  • Small ‘book’ box – $3;
  • Medium box – $4;
  • Large box – $5;
  • Picture/mirror box – $6;
  • Dish pack box – $7;
  • Wardrobe box – $15;
  • Shrink wrap (per item) – $5;
  • Ream packing paper (bundle) – $24;
  • TV kit – $150.

Trying to DIY? Tips to Remember When Packing

We recommend packing the smallest items first. And, take care to secure the fragile items, like coffee mugs, glassware, or anything that can easily incur scratches or break. You don’t want your valuables getting damaged in transit, so taking extra precaution at this step will save you hundreds of dollars worth of headache when it’s time to settle into your new home. 

Take extra care when tackling appliances and equipment. Most of them have sensitive parts that can be easily damaged with rough handling. 

Also, categorize your items into different groups, and put all the items belonging to that group in one box, or a group of appropriately labeled packages.

Pack It Up with Stark Team

Packing right involves plenty of intricacies and nuances. We are the packing experts who know the best practices to efficiently secure your stuff for transportation. If hiring us as the moving partner, we guarantee that you won’t regret your decision — our professionalism and efficiency will blow you away. Call us today to discuss your moving needs!

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