Are you looking for affordable movers from Boston to Philadelphia? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Relocating to Philadelphia for school, a new job, or better opportunities is endlessly exciting. But the journey of getting there is paved with mind-numbing and back-breaking endeavors. After all, moving is a multi-step process. Fulfilling the needs of each step requires months of careful planning and physical labor. You need to pack everything, rent a moving truck, then stack and store all the boxes, and proceed to drive five long hours to make it to your new location. 

Hiring Stark Moving and Storage Company gives you immediate access to a team of professional movers who have a wealth of experience handling the logistics and transportation of long-distance moves, plus a fully-equipped, clean moving truck. We are also able to use our expertise and resources to overcome any unexpected events bound to spring up in long-distance moves. 


How Much Does Movers from Boston to Philadelphia Cost?

The exact price will differ according to the size of your move, the extent of services required, the distance between your point of origin and destination, and labor cost. 

You’ll receive a flat-rate price upfront, which, depending on your needs, may include packing, loading, storage, transport, gas, tolls, taxes, wrapping materials, furniture assembly-disassembly, and more. We do not charge you extra along the way, nor spike the bill with hidden charges. 

Movers from Boston to Philadelphia or Philadelphia to Boston should contact us today. Tell us about your move, and we will show you how our services will make your relocation journey hassle-free. 

Movers from Boston to Philadelphia
Moving to Philadelphia

Why Choose Stark Moving Company?

Professional crew

Stark team ensures to make each client feel valued and respected. We know you’re stressed about starting a life in a new state — we will do everything we can to lift that stress off you. 


Stark team respects your time. We will be at your house exactly at the mutually predefined time — never late. We will also deliver your property within the estimated time frame. If there’s a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, we will immediately contact you to provide an update. 


Stark team is respectful of you and also of your property inside your home. Whether the items are highly fragile or expensive, we will take the utmost care to deliver everything to your new space, just like new. 

Transparent pricing

After we discuss your moving needs, our team will provide you with a flat-rate upfront. We will not be citing you any hidden or extra charge other than what’s discussed. 

Customer service

Our team is just a call away to answer your questions. You can contact us anytime to request a quote, set up an appointment, ask for an update, or just say Hi! Our customer service team is always friendly and attentive to your needs. 

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