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Moving from Boston to Maryland

Maryland is remarkable. It’s a state of many firsts. Like Ouija board was discovered here, and so was the first umbrella factory, dental school, railroad station, telegraph, and the first piano built in America. This state was also the birthplace of our national anthem! 

This state is a mixed bag of wonderful things— it manages to have a strong economy, a thriving job market, and a great outdoor scene. And, yes, they do have fantastic crab cakes. Maryland is visually mesmerizing. About 41 percent of this state is full of trees. There are the Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, and the Chesapeake Bay for you to explore. There’s also Thurmond, a tiny town with just 6,000 residents and also home to spectacular state parks and two of Maryland’s largest waterfalls. 

Moving from Boston to Maryland

Maryland is diverse and is near other busy cities, like Philadelphia and New York City. When it comes to affordability, Maryland is quite expensive. The state itself is very wealthy, with one in 12 homes being more than $1 million. This should come as no surprise that Maryland contains the largest concentration of millionaires.

The median household income of this state sits at $70,000, making it the 11th richest in the US. The biggest drivers of wealth here are the US Government and the Aerospace industry. 

Ready to call Maryland your new home? Our team can get your belongings safely to your new home. 

Moving from Boston to Maryland is tough to do alone. Hire the pros at Stark Moving and Storage for an effortless relocation experience. Contact us for a quote!