Long-distance moving can prove to be a difficult time for your family. It’s laborious, and with unexpected challenges propping up, it’s easy for a two-hour move to take a whole day or two. On top of that, you need to pack right, so you don’t end up with a box full of broken items. If you don’t well-plan in advance, it can prove expensive too, with gas, food, renting trucks, adding to the cost at the last minute. Hiring a professional moving company is the smartest move you can make today.

Stark Moving and Storage makes moving from Boston to New Hampshire simple. Regardless of the relocation’s size or where your destination lies in the new state, our team is happy to come on board and make a move happen.


Moving from Boston to New Hampshire

New Hampshire is also known as the Granite State. Although small in size, it’s a state with a big personality. It has plenty of historic towns with breathtaking landscapes. The job market here is thriving, with the manufacturing and healthcare sectors primarily driving its economy. The Tech industry is also making a strong presence here, with plenty of jobs in computing and software development. Tourism is also responsible for many employment opportunities in New Hampshire.

Moving from Boston to New Hampshire

The median home value here is $292,000. The property taxes are also relatively high in this state; in fact, it’s the third-highest in all of the US. The cost of living in New Hampshire is high but affordable compared to nearby areas like NY, Albany, and Boston. The best part of this state is that there’s no sales tax here. This is why many Bostonians drive to New Hampshire to buy high-end items — they get to save on sales tax!

We have helped plenty of Boston families relocate to Manchester, Concord, Hanover, Bedford, Portsmouth, Amherst, and other New Hampshire cities.

If you are moving from Boston to New Hampshire or New Hampshire to Boston, contact us today. We are standing by to discuss your needs. We will also give you a free estimate.