Is life or work taking you away from Boston to Illinois? We can help you get there fast and safely. Interstate moving is never easy, but with a reliable moving company such as Stark Movers, you no longer have to brace through the nightmares of packing everything and transporting all your big and bulky belongings alone. 

Our team will pack, load, transport, and deliver your household items to your new place in Illinois. We will closely work with you to assess your needs and develop a solution that meets your requirements, including a time-frame. We offer full-scale packages that include all services or mini-packages that involve assistance with one or two aspects of moving. Whatever you need when it comes to relocation, Stark Team is here to do it all. 

Moving from Boston to Illinois

Moving from Boston to Illinois

Illinois, also known as The Prairie State, is a land of impressive cities like Chicago, beautiful forests, rolling hills, rivers, wetlands, and farmlands. Its residents enjoy all four seasons and growing economic space. Illinois residents pay lower grocery bills, health care, and housing rates. There’s also zero income tax on Social Security and pensions, making this place a safe haven for retirees. 

The cost of living is relatively lower in Illinois as a whole, compared to cities in NY and California. Since 85 percent of this state is covered in cornfields, the agriculture sector contributes the most to its economy. And, the manufacturing and mining sector also provides a lot of job opportunities here. 

Illinois is primarily divided into three regions: Northern Illinois is made of Chicago and its suburbs; Central Illinois contains many small towns and cities. Agriculture is the defining theme of this region; Southern Illinois has milder winters than the rest of the state.  

We have helped families relocate to Buffalo Grove, Naperville, Chicago, Clarendon Hills, Springfield, Hinsdale, Peoria, Evanston, Northbrook, Western Spring, Wheaton, Oak Park, Wilmette, and many other Illinois cities.

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