The most important part of a pianist is his piano, and it can be such a hassle figuring out how to move this delicate piece of wood during travel.

Taking it along for a musical rehearsal or a live concert may have become commonplace. However, moving it on a long journey needs a little bit of strategy and care to avoid any damage.

Ideally, hiring an experienced moving company like Stark Movers would be your best bet. They are sufficiently equipped to handle the delicate process of transporting your instrument to any location of your choice.

However, if you decide to manage the process yourself, here are some helpful tips to get it done. Before we get started, take note of the necessary tools needed for a smooth transition.


What you need to move a piano

  • Plastic covers, dolly straps, and blankets: Essential for keeping all moving parts of the piano in place and protecting the piano from marks, scratches, and other costly damage.
  • Piano platforms: It is a cart used to move upright pianos, by conveniently using specific straps. It is important to use it as the wheels on the piano’s legs will generally not support prolonged movement of the instrument.
  • Piano Shoes and Slippers – Used to safely carry pianos of various sizes sideways.
  • Tape
  • Work gloves
  • At least 5 people

The processes involved

Now that we’ve noted the important tools you need to package and move your piano like a pro, let’s get into the main topic of discussion!

  • Measuring the upright piano dimensions

The first thing to do before you start moving your precious musical instrument is to find out the exact measurement of your upright piano. That way, you can plan the movement around it. Usually, an upright piano has a height of 109cm that sometimes reaches 113cm or 121cm. As far as the width is concerned, they do not usually exceed 148cm and the depth is always between 54cm and 56cm. If we talk about weight, any of the Yamaha B series, Kawai K series, or Schimmel Classic models range from 175-195 Kg.

  • Free the path of movement

You have to study the route before making the transfer. We must make sure that it passes through each and every one of the doors and corridors. Measure your door frames to make sure that it can successfully pass through it. Then remove anything that may obstruct your movement from your path.

  • Wrap the piano

In order to reduce the risk of damaging the finishes and corners of the piano, before moving the instrument you must protect it to avoid possible scratches and cracks, and prevent possible friction and bumps that may occur during transport. To do this, use wool, bubble paper or cotton blankets and covers to effectively protect your instrument.

  • Lifting the piano on the platform

You should be careful to avoid putting too much weight on the legs. Although the piano has wheels, we do not recommend moving it on its wheels, since (given its heavy weight), this could damage the musical instrument itself and easily damage the floor. Ideally, you should use a dolly with an upholstered base that supports your weight. To do this, you need at least three strong persons to lift up the upright piano on the dolly. Professionals have an electrical instrument that makes this process easier.

  • Using a ramp

A handle will often be on the rear wall of the piano. Using it as a means of transport is strongly discouraged, because it simply won’t hold up to the load in the long run. Instead, use special straps to carry it from the room to the truck. To avoid possible injuries, it is advisable to lift the weight with your legs bent and with your back straight, resting every few meters.

  • Securing the piano in the van

Already inside the truck (although it should also be applied outside) the piano must be perfectly protected. It should be the first thing you load. In addition, it must be properly secured with harnesses, so that the movement of the vehicle would not have too much impact on it or cause it to lose its balance. You can use some cushions to secure it

Piano moving tips you should know

  • Do not try to lift the piano without the appropriate equipment

Make sure that you have a dolly with padding and the right straps. You will need a four-wheel cart with resistant wheels that allows it to be supported in such a way that its weight is distributed over all four wheels without overloading a specific area.

  • Do not rely on piano rollers (if any)

The rollers on your piano were not made to roll great distances. If you use them too often or for too long, they will weaken with time and they could jam easily too. This would cause your carpet to rip and scratch your floors.

  • Get extra help

Get as many people to help as possible. You’ll need nothing less than 3 adults to move the smallest upright piano safely. The weight is daunting and dropping it may cause severe damages to your instrument.

  • Don’t move too fast

Don’t try to rush the moving process; take your time. A hasty move may cause harm to you or your helpers if you don’t handle it with care. Therefore, to avoid possible injuries, it is best to lift the weight with your legs bent and with your back straight, resting every few meters.

  • Find the perfect place for it

Because the piano is sensitive to humidity and temperature, in your new home try to place it in an area where there are no drafts, and out of direct sunlight. Keep it in a secluded space or away from the busy hallway to avoid it getting in the way of comings and goings.

  • Tune it

No matter how carefully you transport your piano, it could get out of tune after the transfer. You may need to contact a piano tuner who will return it to its old melodious self.


Whether you are moving to a new home or you simply need to move your piano to a temporary location, contacting a professional moving company is the surest way to an efficient and cost-effective resolution. Save yourself and everyone else the hard work and hire a professional like Stark Movers. With the right equipment, the experts can help you prevent damages both to your precious instrument and yourself.

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