If you own a mountain bike, a city bike, a racing bicycle, or just about any other type of two-wheeler, you will likely have to relocate your bike to another part of the country sooner or later. And when the time comes to relocate, you should know how to package a bike for shipping.

How to pack a bike


Bicycles can be among our most prized assets and trustworthy modes of transportation, serving as both a practical tool and a reflection of our personalities. Therefore, don’t simply put your bicycle in the back of the truck when making a significant move. This practically assures shipping damage. Many people who want to do their packing to save money discover that packing a bicycle can be difficult. We’re here to help you simplify things and subsequently show you how to package a bike for moving. We have carefully prepared this guide to teach you how to pack a bike for moving long-distance relocation if you own one.

First and foremost, we recommend packing your bicycle in a bike box before transporting it in a moving trailer or moving container. There is too much risk of injury if it is not packed. If a bike box is not accessible, try purchasing a bike carrier for your vehicle or constructing a box to accommodate your bicycle. Below is a highlighted process on what you will need to disassemble and pack a bike for moving, the steps that are involved in disassembling the bicycle, and ultimately packing the bike in a box.

What you will need to pack a bicycle

  • Cardboard Bicycle Box: These are frequently the ideal size for storing bikes. You can always fold up and store the box after your move. They frequently serve numerous purposes well.
  • Smaller Cardboard Box: In addition to the bike box, this is where you’ll keep tools, hardware, panniers, bottle holders, and other accessories. Depending on the number of bike accessories, the size may vary.
  • Bubble Wrap: bubble wraps are needed to wrap up the bicycle and/or pedals before packing them in the box. Doing this prevents it from scratching.
  • Packing Tape: either heavy-duty or not, you need packing tapes for quite some reasons if you don’t want what you’ve carefully packed flying around.
  • Foam Protection Tubes: These are especially useful for padding the bikes when placing them in the box. They serve as insulation for the bicycles.
  • Zip Ties: Other than using packing tape, zip ties may come in handy for tying the bubble wraps to the bikes.
  • Allen Wrench Set: most pedals require a 15mm wrench.
  • Hex wrenches.
  • Horn wrench: This is especially useful if your bicycle axles with nuts.
  • Rope for attaching packing materials to the bicycle. Alternatively, zip ties or packing tapes can suffice in the absence of ropes.

Bike packing

Bicycle disassembly process

1.You must prepare the appropriate packing materials before shipping your bicycle.

2.To pack your bike in a bike box, you’ll need to disassemble it partially, so it is best to prepare the necessary tools for disassembly.

3.Protect the floor you’re working on to avoid scratching it or ruining the carpets with grease.

4.Use a clean soft rag to thoroughly clean your bicycle.

5.Tire pressure – you need to let the air out of the tires.

6.With your wrenches, remove all of the smaller bits and accessories.

7.To prevent the chain drive from shifting and moving, it is a good idea to fasten the pedal cranks to the bike frame.

8.If you have caliper brakes, disconnect your front brake, and handlebar and remove the front wheel.

9.If your wheels have quick-release axles, remove the quick-release skewer, and thread the end back on to keep it together.

10.Remove the saddle and any other accessories on the bike and keep them safe.

11.Transferring the padded, secured bicycle into the unique bike box is, of course, the last step in packaging a bicycle for moving.

12.The top and bottom edges of your box, as well as all of its corners, should be taped.

How to package a bike

Packing the Box

In situations like this when there are two different boxes, it is imperative to know how to package a bike for moving properly. Firstly, wrap all of the small items in bubble wrap with care and fill them in the smaller cardboard box. This not only protects the components but also prevents them from scratching or scratching other items.

Additionally, as soon as it is no longer needed, place any very small items like hardware, nuts, bolts, screws, tools, etc. inside a plastic bag. When it comes time to reassemble your bicycle, this will make it much simpler to locate everything.

Shift the bicycle chain into the smallest chain ring and the largest rear cog, and then wrap it in bubble wrap and tape it in place. This procedure will be handy in protecting the rear derailleur. Be very careful as the rear derailleur is by far the most fragile part of your trusted bike and it should be very well protected at all times.

Wrap the seat and its seat-post in packing paper or bubble wrap and secure the soft tubes in place with packing tape or zip ties. To provide the best protection for your bike, don’t skimp on packing materials. Finally, as a prelude to the next bicycle packing step, install the four-wheel axle protectors and wrap the left pedal crank arm with bubble wrap. Place the bike in the bike box and use foam tubing, pipe insulation, or bubble wraps around the frame. Afterward, you should use zip ties or tapes to hold the wraps in place. This will certainly prevent scratching during the move.

After you’ve placed everything inside the box, thoroughly seal everything shut with heavy-duty tape. Avoid taping the handle holes shut.

Although it’s not overly difficult, packing a bicycle for shipping is not as simple as packing books. It simply takes some practice. And, if you’re too scared to undertake all of the above, ask your movers for assistance. But don’t freak out if you’re doing it alone and/or for the first time! You’ll never forget once you’ve mastered it. We hope you found this information useful in observing and learning how to package a bike for shipping.

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