Shoes are heavy, making it challenging moving around. They come in a variety of forms and sizes and are frequently filthy. Your footwear must accompany you to your new home, and they will not walk there by themselves. Arranging and packing shoes for your relocation takes a little creativity and time, but it’s no more complicated than packing the rest of your belongings.

You have the option of wrapping footwear that will be transported in shoe boxes. Even if they’re being put in a shoebox, you should wrap expensive, delicate, or unusual shoes with bubble wrap before packing in a moving box. Most of us are too preoccupied with packing and moving to wrap every pair of sneakers already in a shoebox, but you should consider whether the extra protection is worth the extra work.


Why Is It Important to Pack Shoes Correctly?

Shoes require more preparation than other pieces of your outfit, but they are definitely worth the effort. Knowing how to pack footwear for travel and transportation ensures that they are easy to move and preserve their structure, beauty, and longevity. Shoes and other footwear should be packed to protect their condition while making unpacking easy.

What Packing Supplies Will You Need?

You probably don’t mind if your old pair of footwear get scuffed or damaged during the move, but the same can’t be said for your pricey heels or neatly shined loafers. Protect your favorites by separately boxing them and wrapping packing paper around them to keep them in place. It would not be a problem if you didn’t save the sneakers’ packaging.

  • You can buy multi-packs of simple cardboard shoe boxes or utilize small plastic bins.
  • You can utilize complimentary wine or alcohol boxes from the supermarket.
  • If you’re traveling across town, you can store your footwear upright in a milk carton.
  • You can pack heels and wedges in suitcases by arranging them so that they face each other and you have small clothes or paper stuffed in between.
  • Backpacks can help pack footwear, albeit the amount of space available can vary depending on the size of your boots.
  • A duffel bag has substantially more depth and space than a backpack. As a result, you won’t have to be too creative with your packing.
  • Because most garment bags contain a pocket or zipped part at the bottom specifically for holding footwear, they are one of the easiest to store shoes inside.

Tips To Pack Shoes for A Move:

You must consider your attire and select footwear that will go with everything. If you’re going on vacation, you’ll probably need one pair of casual sandals or sneakers, one pair of formal shoes, and flip-flops or slides for the beach and around the home. You won’t have to think too hard about what to wear if you choose shoes that work with the majority of your outfits. You’ll also have more room in your luggage for other items. Here are a handful of tips on how to pack shoes in a box for moving.

  • Get rid of old shoes: Take any broken footwear to be repaired or throw them away. Donate or sell any sneakers that no longer fit or appeal to you.
  • Group shoes by type: Begin by gathering any closed-toe plim soles you intend to wear on moving day and any loafers you will use while traveling to your new home.
  • Make sure your shoes are clean and dry before you go: If you have the time, clean your shoes before you go to avoid smudges and damage.
  • Stuff each loafer with a pair of socks or with crumpled paper: To retain the shape of the boot before wrapping it, use socks, washcloths, pool noodles, or clean papers put inside.
  • Pack the more amicable pairs in their original shoeboxes: If you’re a shoe collector, saving the original shoeboxes can come in helpful when it’s time to move.
  • Start with the heavy boots: Close the big box with tape, start putting heavy boots down, and go up with light footwear. Pack more lightweight footwear on the side, and pack heavier boots on the bottom
  • Use a closet door shoe organizer: The best option is to invest in a shoe organizer because having all of your kicks in one place allows you to spend more time wearing them and less time looking for them.
  • Prepare footwear for the moving day: Set your regular footwear aside and pack them in another box or bag that you want to unpack immediately.
  • Organize transportation of your belongings: Now that the boots are stored in separate boxes, decide how to transport the boxes efficiently. Shoeboxes can be stacked and stored using storage containers or moving boxes.


How To Pack Shoes Without a Box?

If you don’t have shoeboxes, you might want to consider buying some. While it is not required, it may be a good idea for your more delicate footwear, designer heels, or high-priced boots. Alternatively, there are a handful of other ways you can pack footwear without a box, and these include:

  1. Carefully wrap each pair of sneakers.
  2. Place shoes vertically in a box and secure them in a moving box to prevent them from shifting and becoming damaged.
  3. Heavy boots should never be worn on top of other shoes.
  4. Shoes should be packed in a small or medium box rather than a large box. A smaller, well-packed shoebox is less likely to cause damage and is much easier to move.

If you have a large family, it’s best to pack each person’s footwear separately, so they don’t get mixed up during the relocation. You may need to engage a company to transport your shoes along with your stuff now that you know how to pack your shoes for a move. We have professional movers who are well-trained to handle the relocation of your delicate belongings. Taking the effort to carefully pack your shoes is always a wise decision that pays you in the end. Moving may be stressful, and belongings can get thrown around. However, by following these few pointers on how to pack your shoes for moving, you may rest assured that your shoes will be safe.

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