If there’s ever a place underrated in the nation, it would be Iowa. But, this America’s Midwestern state actually deserves more credit than we give it. Iowa offers more nature-filled scenic views than most parts of America, and you can enjoy a good blend of the small town and big city lifestyles.

If you’re thinking of moving to this part of the US but can’t make up your mind thanks to the contrary view of nonresidents, here are some reasons to think again.

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1. Cost of Living is Pretty Affordable

Those of us lucky enough to call Iowa home know that our living standards are quite on the favorable side. Compared to most states, we don’t have to worry about the high cost of living, from groceries shopping to commuting, housing costs, education, and entertainment.

Interestingly, Iowa’s average cost of living is 16% below the national average.

2. The Jobs are Surplus

Speaking of job opportunities, you’ll get more than you bargained for. From industries like agriculture to manufacturing, finance, sustainable farming, transportation, media publishing, and even electricity production, this state boasts abundant career and job preferences, so you can live to the standards you aim for.

Note: agriculture and sustainable farming are two of the most thriving industries.

3. Education

Educational standards are at its peak in Iowa. We boast of a 99% literacy rate and a 90% graduation rate. Good statistics, right? So, if you plan on moving with your kids, you’ll never have to worry about finding quality educational institutions, whether high school, college, university, or technical schools, with standards you’ll approve.

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4. Low Urbanization

One of the major reasons people underrate this region is because we have low urbanization. But, for us, this is a big win because we enjoy more open area and the peacefulness of the small-town lifestyle. Our largest city Des Moines has a population of a little over 215,000 people, far lesser than big cities like the Bronx in New York, with 1.4million residents. While this number may seem too insignificant for a city, we love that the low population allows us to appreciate a calming scenery and family-oriented lifestyle.

5. Our Towns are Safe

Whether violent or property crime, security is never really a problem when you move to Iowa. In America’s Midwestern states, we rank the second lowest in crime rates. In fact, you are 1.73% likely to fall victim to property crime and 7% prone to be a victim of violent crime in a year.

6. You’ll Experience Every Season to the Fullest

While the US has four seasons, you already know you won’t fully experience them in most places. For instance, places like southern California, parts of Texas, Florida, and Phoenix down to Tucson don’t truly experience a full-fledged US winter, but Iowa is different.

You’ll encounter the full force of the four seasons. The autumn welcomes a breathtaking landscape, with the trees sprouting new faces. Spring and summers are beautiful, with the summer temperature warm and welcoming. Winters are cold, with the northwest part of Iowa experiencing temperatures of 14°F and 20°F in the southeast cities. Tornadoes and flooding are rare but possible occurrences.

fall in iowa

7. You’ll Enjoy the Food Scene

Foodies will be super impressed with the quality and diversity of food they can enjoy in this state. Iowans are known for their extremely flavored pork barbecue and monster burger. You’re probably thinking, what’s the deal with the word monster here? It’s simply because Iowans don’t do simple when it comes to their meals. A hamburger won’t just be a simple breaded loaf with one hamburger patty. You’ll be filling your stomach with an appetizing mix of deep-fried macaroni, heaped cheese layers and bacon, and up to three hamburger patties.

8. Friendliness and Inclusion is a Culture

If you’re not convinced yet about why you should move to Iowa, then the friendly and inclusive culture of Iowans should do the trick. Iowans are possibly the nicest people you’ll meet in the United States. No matter your culture, skin color, or race, Iowans embrace diversity with a loving heart. It’s no wonder people say they make the best neighbors.

9. Traffic is Never a Problem

Another perk of living in a low urbanized state is that you won’t have to deal with the constant traffic challenges of metro areas. This is one thing Iowa thrives at. Even at the busiest hours of the day, there’s seldom any traffic jam. Talk about convenience at the highest level. The lack of traffic means you can leave for your destination a few minutes late and still meet up with appointments.

10. Affordable homes

Owning a home is a big deal in many US states, but the reverse is the case in Iowa. As a matter of fact, over 70% of the population own a house. Even rents are at a minimum, thanks to the low real estate prices. So, if you’re interested in renting or buying a home, you’ll be in for a good deal.

Buying a single room won’t cost as high as the $304,100 recommended national average. You can easily get a house single-family home for as low as $142,200. Rents range as low as $793 each month compared to the nation’s $1,148 recommended average. You could even get a studio flat for $542.

rental estate in iowa

Every US state has its pros and cons, and Iowa is no different. But, the best part of these states is the affordable homes, the standard of living, thriving education, surplus job opportunities, low crime rate, urbanization, amazing food scene, friendly society, and zero traffic it offers. In all, Iowa is one of the best states in the United States. Hopefully, these reasons to move to Iowa we’ve listed above will help you make the best decision when considering relocation plans.

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