You might have ticked Nevada as your next destination after watching films shot there like Casino, The Hangover, and Viva Las Vegas. Perhaps, you may have other reasons to move to Nevada. Nevada does have a lot going on, not just in casinos. However, it has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other place. You can decide if Nevada is the best state for you by finding out some things to know before moving to Nevada.

Whether you are looking to relocate or go on vacation, you must visit some of Nevada’s top state parks. There are a variety of activities to enjoy, including hiking and exploring the more than 45,000 acres of petroglyphs. Additionally, you must schedule some time to visit the famous Elephant Rock. This unusual rock formation has the same trunk-to-ground appearance as an elephant.

Enough with the enticing summary; we should get into details highlighting some of the essential things to know before moving to Nevada. This will help you decide better on your move to Silver State.

las vegas nevada

1. Diverse culture 

The majority of people in Nevada are immigrants. This makes residents who were born and raised few. Nevada is home to various civilizations, but the Native American culture, which includes the Paiute, Washoe, and Shoshone tribes, is the most frequently portrayed. You don’t have to feel out of place. It can indeed be a welcoming location to reside.

2. Low tax burden

Nevada is one of the few states without state income taxes and one of the ten states with the lowest real estate tax rates.  In addition, there is no tax on home sales, food purchases, medicine, and other items. Tourism, entertainment, casinos, and eating provide significant revenue.

3. The Gambling Capital of the US

In Nevada, gambling was declared to be lawful. You dramatically almost any place in this state. Slot machines are readily available at supermarkets, airports, gas stations, and casinos.

The rise of the gaming industry has greatly aided in explaining why and how hotels and resorts can offer such extensive guest services. Gambling establishments are all-around entertainment venues, tempting you to insert money into a slot machine.

las vegas gambling

4. Entertainment Capital of the World

In Nevada, primarily the Las Vegas area, you’ll enjoy a wide array of entertainment, such as concerts, stand-up comedy acts, magic shows, and sporting events. The giant video screen in the world, the Viva Vision canopy, is part of the Fremont Street Experience. Both residents and visitors enjoy the incredible entertainment it offers. International entertainers travel to Nevada’s urban centers to give performances.

Fremont Street Experience

When it comes to sporting events, Las Vegas does not disappoint. Several sports, including hockey, basketball, and soccer, are broadcast live at the professional level. The Las Vegas Raiders are the most notable in the state. Fans can visit the Allegiant Stadium to cheer on their preferred club in a first-rate setting.

5. A lot of events and carnivals

There are a ton of museums, art neighborhoods, professional sports, and music festivals, and the list continues on and on.  Nevada is, therefore, the best state to reside in if you are easily bored. The top comedians in the nation travel to Vegas fairly regularly to perform. Consequently, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is; you’re sure to see a familiar name.

6. Rising job markets beyond casinos, hotels, and restaurants

Each year, the job market in Nevada expands steadily. In addition, there are numerous other employment options in this state outside of working in a casino. Mining, building, and teaching are just a handful of the multiple career options in Nevada.

However, tourism accounts for a sizable component of Nevada’s economy. For this reason, the state’s economy might take off, and it may also collapse. Conversely, money flows freely when the economy is strong and plenty of jobs are available.

7. Outdoor activities

Outdoor enthusiasts cannot live without Nevada’s abundance of recreational opportunities. Some activities include

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain riding
  • Hiking
  • Water sports
  • Golf
  • Skiing

There are also some recreational centers in the state, with many fun activities throughout the year. Some of these spectacular areas include:

  • Lake Mead
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Hoover Dam
  • Grand Canyon
  • Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Great Basin National Park
  • The Valley of Fire State Park
  • Red Rock Canyon State Park

grand canyon nevada

8. Versatile cuisine

Vegas’s cuisine scene is impressive, just like any other major US city. Additionally, once you relocate to Vegas, you’ll be able to sample cuisine from around the country all at once.

Some of the top restaurants in the world may be found in Vegas. Many renowned chefs and upscale restaurant chains have made Las Vegas their home thanks to the fantastic atmosphere and even better food. You can be sure that the food you consume in Las Vegas is some of the best in the world, from steak to sushi and everything in between.

9. Shopping

Numerous specialty stores are available in Las Vegas and Reno, drawing local and out-of-town customers. Additionally, there are a lot of malls and outlet stores in Nevada.

10. Best for Retirees

Because of the low cost of living and the opportunity to live an active lifestyle in pleasant weather, Nevada is a desirable place to retire. The weather is perfect, housing is still reasonably priced, and finding excellent deals on food is simple. A retiree on a limited income may very easily find contentment in Nevada if you combine the low cost of living and lack of a state tax.

Nevada is such a prominent place and where you live is a factor in how you will enjoy your stay and what fun stuff you have around you. Here are some of the best cities to live in when you move to Nevada.

  1. Elko
  2. Reno
  3. Sparks
  4. Mesquite
  5. Las Vegas
  6. Henderson
  7. Carson City
  8. Spring Valley
  9. Battle Mountain
  10. Incline Village in Lake Tahoe
  11. Boulder City in Clark County

reno nevada

A significant change in your life is moving. Give Nevada a look if you want to live a better, more affordable lifestyle but don’t want to give up the convenience of being in a big city.

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