Chicago is a city that seems larger than life. From its teeming population to the bustling economy, it has become a home for many transplants. This big city has so much to offer as far as schooling and job opportunities are concerned. It’s much cooler here than in Florida. That’s why we call it the Windy City.

There are a lot of adventurous activities you can enjoy here since Chicago still has lots of hills and mountains, as well as hiking trails despite the overflowing skyscrapers and commercial buildings that cover the area.

Now that you have decided to relocate to Chicago, the next thing you might worry about is how to transfer your belongings from Florida to your new home in Chicago. Stark Moving Company is here to help!

Why you should choose Stark Movers when moving from Florida to Chicago

After decades of operation, we are fully equipped to handle all your moving needs, whether you’re traveling interstate or cross-country. It doesn’t even matter the size of your cargo, we will handle it with utmost care.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire us:

Professionalism: our work ethic is top-notch, and we won’t joke with your time, money, or belongings.

Insurance: In an off chance of an accident or unfortunate destruction of your property with us, rest assured that our insurance will cover the damages.

Licenses: These days, the best way to separate authentic movers from scams is by checking for valid operational permits. No matter the state or city we are moving to, we are up to date with our licenses and won’t put your belongings in jeopardy.

24/7 customer service: your convenience is our pleasure, and to assure you of this, our customer service representatives will work round the clock to answer your questions, take complaints and give quotes.

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How much does moving cost?

Several criteria will determine the precise cost, including your current location, destination, how many goods you’re carrying, etc. Payments are made after a successful relocation for a long-distance relocation. Here’s where you can get a free quote.

Are your movers legit?

We have all the essential permits, insurance, and protections to perform the relocation.

What is included in the service?

The relocation service charge for moving from Florida to Chicago includes packing, equipment, transportation, fuel, mileage, toll taxes, and moving insurance.

How long will it take to move from Florida to Chicago?

The time it takes to move is dependent on factors like distance, and shipment. The delivery date will be communicated before we begin the relocation. Our team will get in touch 15-30 minutes before they arrive.

Do I need to prepare in advance for the move?

Yes, that is required. You need to inventory all your belongings and prepare to cover the cost of relocation.