When searching for a relocation company for clients, you can’t afford any mistakes. Your recommended moving firm must be trustworthy, efficient, and one that heeds all its promises. Picking a substandard company can harm your reputation. Plus, your client will face headaches in the form of lost, damaged, or delayed cargo, poor packing, overcharges, and unreliable customer service.

This article will give you 8 tips on how to find a moving company for your clients.

A moving broker is not equal to a moving company

A broker is essentially a sales team that books your move and sells it to a relocation company with the labor and equipment to get the move done. A moving broker cannot be held responsible for damaged or missing items during transportation. So, it’s best to work directly with an actual moving company than a broker.

Pick a company that’s licensed and insured

Check if the company’s license is registered with the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Reputable companies will have all the permits and comprehensive coverage available to protect their customer’s cargo from possible damage. You also want to request their U.S. DOT number since this will be needed if your client needs to file a claim in the future. Stay away from companies who skirt away from giving you this number.

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Ask for accreditation

BBB accreditation and official memberships at the trade associations can help seal a company’s credibility. Associations tend to thoroughly vet a company before offering admission to new applicants. If the firm you are in contact with isn’t part of any organization, be wary of giving them your business.

Assess the mover’s responsibility for loss/damage

You want to make sure the moving company has at least two levels of Value Protection: Basic Coverage Protection and Full Value Protection.

● Basic coverage is the most economical protection level, which provides minimum protection at no additional cost. The coverage for loss or damage to an item will be based on its weight multiplied by a specific amount per pound. The actual price of the item will not dictate the coverage. This option is best suited for those who aren’t traveling with a lot of high-value items.

● Full Value Protection is the most comprehensive coverage plan since the moving company assumes liability for your entire cargo. They will repair, replace, or provide a cash settlement if any item is lost or damaged during the move.

Don’t stick to one

Instead of saying Yes to the first company you think the client would like, we recommend gathering an in-person estimate from at least three different firms. This way, you get the best service at a price that’s likely to meet your client’s budget.

Look beyond price

Cheap price doesn’t always mean that a company’s quality of service is good. It’s essential to check that the company’s services and values fit the client’s needs, expectations, schedule, budget, etc. You may have to pay a little extra, but you can rest assured knowing that your cargo is in the best hands.

Don’t ignore the red flags

Sometimes, all it takes is a few points of contact to know what to expect from a company. Reputable companies typically don’t expect you to pay the total quote upfront. They’re more focused on learning the needs of the client and delivering on their expectations. Also, during the in-person estimate, see if the staff comes on time and how professional they are during the appointment. If they’re attentive and friendly during the initial consultation, chances are high that it won’t get better once the work starts.

Have someone supervise the move

Ideally, the client will be there to oversee the loading and unloading part of the move. If they’re unavailable, have someone else present on behalf of the client. The movers may have questions about where to place certain items, and if certain goods need to be transported or not. Having someone there ensures everything gets done properly.

We hope the above tips help you decide how to choose a moving company for your clients. Nothing can beat a relocation firm that’s affordable in price and backed with honest, qualified, and hardworking movers.

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